XO, Jaime: “It’s time to stop worshipping the God of public opinion”

Here’s the new column that Jaime wrote for ELLE.com and she now discusses the real fear of backlash we face whenever we take a stand, and how to reconcile it.


Recently I read an article featuring some comments by a wonderful filmmaker named Colin Trevorrow [director of this summer’s hit film Jurassic World and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII] about women filmmakers and why they weren’t being offered studio films.​



I was deeply upset by his gender assessment—here is a man with such a powerful voice, soon to represent a franchise that has transcended every race, color, creed, circumstance, and generation with its universal message of the struggle between the light and the dark in every one of us. I truly took in his comments; I just couldn’t get them out of my head no matter how many angles I looked at them. I couldn’t shake how disconcerting his sentiments were. I decided to write to him on Twitter, “You’re the director of the new Jurassic Park and now Star Wars, it’s really unfortunate that you believe this.” He replied with an apology, stating that his opinion was muddled. A lovely conversation ensued…one that was suddenly on Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo! and a multitude of different publications.  


The consistent headline was that I spoke out against him, and in some way, I was heralded as victorious, I won. But that was not my intention nor did I feel justice. Sadly, everyone who wrote about it missed the point. They missed our conversation. They reduced our interaction into a sensationalized headline. If the goal is to achieve equality, then the journey toward it must be documented. The media shouldn’t pit people against each other for clickbait when a deeper bond, a lesson learned, a pause, a change of thoughts in that moment, were made. Now that’s a celebration, and that is headline.

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