Take a look inside Jaime King’s Minimalist Nursery

Cricket’s Circle took us inside Jaime’s minimalist nursery for Leo Thames and James Knight. Make sure to check out the photos and read the article below.


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“When we got pregnant, we didn’t expect it. It was a really huge blessing, but we were like, Oh, snap, where are we going to put this baby?!”

That’s Jaime King, the actress, model, designer (her Sapling Child collaboration comes out this fall!), and longtime Cricket’s Circle supporter, and mom of two, following the birth of Leo Thames. (And while we’re talking credentials, baby Leo’s got a major one even at an early age: He’s Taylor Swift’s godson.)

You might think the most obvious Hollywood thing to do here is just move into a bigger house, but Jaime is, to borrow from our favorite celeb-mag-speak, “just like us” in that she loves her home – all 1,800 square feet of it – and had no intention of trading up just in the interest of more space.

Instead, she did what she does best and got creative: She and husband Kyle Newman decided to transform their sunroom into a nursery that would double as an office and hang-out space for the family. And that’s when we got involved: We loved the idea of helping Jaime create a space that was comfortable, beautiful, and – most important – functional for everyone ages 0 and up.

So we called on the team at RH Baby & Child – a brand that certainly recognizes the importance of nursery furniture that holds up (in terms of style and craftsmanship) well beyond the “nursery” years – for their expertise in bringing Jaime and Kyle’s vision to life. And the results? Just as we’d hoped: Neutrals, leather, wood, and marble – soothing for baby Leo, cozy and fun for James Knight, and an ideal place to focus on reading scripts, writing, and spending time with friends for Jaime and Kyle. (Want to shop the room? All product info is at the bottom of the story.)

We talked to Jaime about the process of decorating – from secret storage to rejecting gender norms in color choices, to why she’s always in favor of less-over-more

THE SPACE I realized pretty quickly that what was lacking on blogs and Pinterest was how modern parents can incorporate a growing family in a smaller space. And staying in our home – an historical mid-century house with incredible energy – meant making our sunroom-turned-nursery beautiful, elegant, and chic… and without an overflow of toys that would go ignored. Kids don’t need a million things to have fun.

THE INSPIRATION The RH Baby & Child design team really helped bring our vision to life in a spectacular way. It was really cool working with them to make the Restoration Hardware aesthetic fit with our household. I didn’t want a space overrun by kids – I wanted to maintain my identity and a sense of calmness, which for us is a clean, zen environment to live in and raise our children. We wanted to stay true to the integrity of our space – a mid-century, all-glass room with an indoor-outdoor feeling that makes you feel so connected to nature.

ON STARTING We’re artists – just because we’re having a boy doesn’t mean everything has to be blue. So the first thing in the room was a daybed in a really pretty pink velvet. We’re moving into a time where we need to stop delegating color to sex. Pink doesn’t have to mean you like girly things, but if you do love girly things, so freaking what?! It’s the color of love and we wanted warmth in the space. Plus, it brought out the pink from the marble and went well with the leather chairs and ottoman.

THE ISSUE There’s no storage in that space so we had to get really creative. The ottoman doubles as storage, and we took the trundle mattress out from underneath the daybed to store extra clothes and sheets. And then we went to The Container Store and got long, thin containers made of soft fabric that you can slide under the crib – you can’t see them because of the skirt!

ON HAVING LESS People idealize a huge house, but to me, if every part of a home isn’t being used, it feels like a waste of energy and space. But to make a small space work, you have to be diligent about purging and donating. It makes it so much easier to work, think, and breathe – the more we collect, it piles up in the subconscious. Just clear it! If you’re done, donate it and move on! It’s so important to raise your kids to understand that it’s not about having a lot of things. If you have fewer things, you cherish them more.

ON LIVING GREEN • All the paint is Farrow & Ball – it’s all as nontoxic as possible.

• The crib is GREENGUARD Gold Certified – a label that means it’s been tested and verified to meet strict standards for reduced chemical emissions.

• We have French pleated black-out curtains all the way around the room. They help keep the cool air in and reduce the amount of energy we use.

• We have Forever Lawn outside – Jessica Alba turned us onto it, it’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. It’s always green and you don’t have to water it – I’m so proud given the current drought. I come from a family of farmers, so that really hits home for me.

• I try to wait and only buy things I know I’ll have for years – I’d rather invest in quality and stop the process of excessive manufacturing, gas usage, and waste. Or if you can use something that’s been used before – like taking a dresser you found that looks like shit and turning it into a family project. Sand it, watch YouTube videos about how to stain it – you save money and waste and create a fun activity for your family.

A WELL-BALANCED SPACE The other day, my friends and I were hanging out on the daybed while James Knight was coloring and just enjoying the space – it made me really happy. I feel like we fit in all the things we wanted, and it’s still a functional beautiful space for a baby. We were so blessed to be able to work with RH Baby & Child, who brought our visions to life.