PAPER Magazine Throwback story!

Here’s a PAPER Magazine’s old article posted on April 10, 1998 with Jaime as one of the “beautiful people”.


Nineteen-year-old fashion veteran James King is back in the saddle after a six-month hiatus prompted by the death of her boyfriend, photographer Davide Sorrenti. “Things started getting really hectic,” she admits. “I started so young and I thought it was good to go back home and do normal things for a while. I came back with a lot more energy and a much greater appreciation for what I do.” King, whose real name is Jamie (“I’m named after Jamie Summers, the Bionic Woman,” she clarifies), came to New York from Omaha, Nebraska, at 14. She now believes that girls under 18 are too immature to stomach the modeling lifestyle. “You’re not treated like a kid in this industry,” she complains. “Adults need to start taking responsibility for these children that they’re bringing in.” King can be seen in ads for Bebe, doing fashion interviews on MTV and taking acting classes. She claims the demise of the supermodel has awoken her to the reality of life after the catwalk. “I’m trying to use modeling as a vessel to get me somewhere else,” she explains.


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