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In an exclusive interview for the Daily Mail published, on February 25, Jaime talked about the release of her new music video for fashion label Grace MMXIII, her friendship with Lena Dunham and how she helped her to speak out about her fertility issues, about her upcoming music debut and much more.

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Pregnant actress Jaime King has revealed that it was her close friend, and fellow TV star, Lena Dunham who gave her the courage to speak out about her awful struggle to conceive her first child.
Speaking to Daily Mail Online about the upcoming release of her new music video for fashion label Grace MMXIII, in which she showcases her impressive vocal talents alongside those of Oscar-nominated composer J. Ralph, the 35-year-old explained that it was only after reading about Lena’s own struggles with endometriosis in her book Not That Kind of Girl, that she felt able to open up about her own fertility issues.
‘Lena Dunham was a big factor in my speaking out,’ she said. ‘As a dear friend who spoke out in her book about endometriosis, she helped give me the courage to ponder what kind of impact I wanted to make on this world. And I thought, “Hey, you have a big platform to help other women and couples.”

‘I know it’s not a sexy topic, I know that it’s extremely private and vulnerable, but at the same time I went through years of silent suffering because no one speaks about these things or the symptoms and effects of endometriosis.’
Jaime, who earlier this month revealed that she is expecting her second child with husband Kyle Newman, added that she hopes her decision to speak out about her fertility struggles will help her fans to see past the perceived perfection of her ‘Hollywood life’.
People think I live a picture perfect life, and it started to upset me that I could possibly, in some way be presenting a curated, false idea of what my life is to my fans and to the world,’ she said.
‘Because that’s false, it’s a lie. In Hollywood we put out this totally unrealistic idea of a glamorous life because that’s a part of the illusion that the public and system wants to see. A way to escape.
‘However, why can we not do both? Be beautiful and inspiring yet be honest and support others on their journeys. If one more person can feel supported – then I will sacrifice any level of vanity and privacy for that.
‘I will sacrifice anything to help educate and bring awareness to something so common, yet so oddly taboo. Because it shouldn’t be. It’s not about infertility per se – it’s about the disease of PCOS and endometriosis and the prevention and care of that.’
When it comes to setting an example for other mothers-to-be, Jaime, who is currently starring as restaurant owner Lemon Breeland in hit CW series Hart of Dixie alongside former OC star Rachel Bilson, could not be a better role model.

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Gallery updated: Hart Of Dixie Screen Captures

I’ve updated our photogallery with MQ screen captures of Hart Of Dixie from episode 4th to episode 8th. Enjoy!


Jaime King released a new music video and song with J.Ralph

Jaime King released a new music video and song with J.Ralph

Here’s a new song by Jaime and J.Ralph called “31 Seconds”. The film was co-directed by Jaime and Kyle Newman in collaboration with London label Grace MMXIII. Jaime is also working on her own album which, she teased, will be available soon. We are super excited about this!

Here’s an article published by WWD. Check out below the official video and some stills. Screen captures will be added soon.


Model-turned-actress Jaime King is adding a new discipline to her repertoire — music. King has collaborated with J. Ralph, her friend and an Oscar-nominated composer and producer, to duet on a haunting, melodic track called “31 Seconds.” To launch the project, King and her director husband Kyle Newman have together directed a noir-ish film featuring King and Ralph, in which King wears languid dresses from London label Grace MMXIII’s resort 2015 collection.

King told WWD that she’d harbored ambitions to work with Grace’s founders Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede (who are also behind Frame Denim and the Saturday Group) “since the minute I met them.” “Grace epitomizes what fashion should be: forward thinking, chic [and] wearable,” King said. “Jens and Erik are my kind of tribe and I have not felt that way in a long time.”

For Torstensson’s part, he was impressed by the fact that King “can really sing.” And he underlined that King and Newman had free reign over the project. Of the film, King said that she and Newman had aimed to “create something elegant and intriguing — a filmic representation of Grace’s clothing.” Layered over the shadowy shots of King and Ralph are abstract images of blossoming flowers, billows of smoke and water droplets, which King compared to “painting with film.”

As to her future musical plans, King said that she and Ralph have been “quietly” working on music together for some time, and will soon release their first EP. King noted that she and the composer both see themselves as “lyricists [who] write untraditionally, essentially turning poetry into a structured song.”


Jaime and Kyle at the Vanity Fair Oscars party

Last night, Jaime and Kyle attended the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party in Los Angeles. I’ve added 78 MQ photos to the gallery but I’ll add the HQ ones as soon as I can.

Also, Jaime debuted her beautiful baby bump… She looks perfect!


Jaime King & Kyle Newman Expecting Second Child

Jaime is pregnant again! She announced the exciting news on Twitter with an adorable photo of James Knight blowing bubbles with a sign that reads, “I’m gonna be a big brother! Who da boss now, I’m so excited!!!!!”

She continued the post by adding: “So excited to announce THE SEQUEL Coming later this year!! … #BabyTown2 – Created by @kyle_newman & moi!”



Congratulations to Jaime and Kyle on the wonderful news! We are so happy for them and we wish them all the best.

[VIDEO] Jaime interview on The Real

On February 12 Jaime was interviewed on the show The Real where she talked about her painful struggles with infertility, her friendship with Taylor, Lorde and Lena and they play a game called “Do Tell, Southern Belle!”.

You can watch three videos from The Real’s interview below.

Jaime at the Warner Music Group annual Grammy celebration

Last night (Feb 8th), Jaime King attended the Warner Music Group annual Grammy celebration at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California. I’ve added 2 pictures of Jaime inside the party and 12 pictures of Jaime and Taylor Swift leaving the party.  They look beautiful!


Warner Music Group Hosts Annual Grammy Celebration - Inside

Jaime’s “The Pardon” Bought by Monterey Media

Jaime’s “The Pardon” Bought by Monterey Media

Monterey Media has acquired U.S. and Canadian rights to “The Pardon,” starring Jaime King in the true story of the only woman ever executed in the state of Louisiana.

In the film directed by Tom Anton, the “Hart of Dixie” actress stars opposite John Hawkes as Toni Jo Henry, who was tried three times and executed in Louisiana in 1942 at the age of 26.

Henry had been a prostitute and addict married to a boxer, who was sentenced to prison in 1940. She teamed with the boxer’s partner (played by Hawkes) in an ill-fated attempt to break her husband out of jail.

“I was fascinated when filmmaker Tom Anton brought us this lovingly re-created and compelling story,” said Scott Mansfield of Monterey Media. “Since 1903, 50 women have ever been executed in the U.S. By comparison, since 1976, almost 1,400 men have been put to death.”

Monterey Media plans a late spring release.

The deal was negotiated between Mansfield and Shoreline Entertainment’s Sam Eigen and Brian Sweet.


[Interview] Jaime King, on advice to new moms

The New Potato have released a new set of portraits of Jaime along with a new interview which you can read below.



Model-turned-actress Jaime King no doubt has a plethora of stories at her fingertips. Dinners with Bruce Weber, holidays with Taylor Swift, and of course her transition from BC to AC (before child to after child); they’re all there for us to sift through on this particularly drab Monday morning. A modeling legend in the nineties, King has now made a name for herself in film and tv (she currently stars in the CW’s Hart of Dixie), making her possibly one of the most interesting tastemakers we’ve sat down with in a while. Besides making us want to fulfill our lifelong destinies of becoming platinum blondes, King took us through parenting, favorite food haunts, streaming television and why “beautiful” people can be quite ugly…

What would be your ideal food day?

My ideal food day would be getting up in the morning, being in San Francisco, getting Blue Bottle Coffee and an amazing croissant. They don’t have Blue Bottle here [in L.A.], and the places that have it don’t know how to make it, which is weird. I would transport myself back to L.A. and go to Sugarfish and have lunch. Probably everyone says that but it’s really delicious. Then I’d walk over to Bouchon and get the beignets for later, which I typically just eat two minutes later. Dinner would be at Chateau Marmont, eating either bolognese, the cheeseburger with truffle fries, or oysters with the butter lettuce salad.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

For me, beauty starts with who you are. It’s how you treat yourself and how you treat other people. Are you loving, empathetic, kind and passionate? Not to sound new age-y or out there but truly that’s where beauty comes from. It’s very interesting because if someone is very beautiful but they’re not loving, if they’re beautiful but they’re vacant, they’re uglier to me than someone who someone might say is kind of “average”. If someone isn’t model beautiful or standardly gorgeous, I’m typically more attracted to those people, because they don’t ride their looks throughout their life, and they tend to be a lot more interesting. So for me, beauty comes from within.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, it’s simple things. Wash your face at night! And you’d be shocked how many people don’t! Drink a lot of water. Get sleep; sleep is super important. I do sleep studies, and they say to always sleep in a really cold, dark room, and make sure that your electronics are away from you so you don’t feel pulled to them. I don’t wash my hair a lot – I wash it maybe once or twice a week. People think you need to wash it all of the time, but it’s just not the case. I’m very into simple, fundamental things.

So what are some of your morning and nightly beauty routines?

Morning is the same thing – wash my face, put on a lot of moisturizer, and as little makeup as possible. Only if I have to put on makeup will I put it on, because I feel like letting your skin breathe is really important. And I think that people always look way more beautiful without makeup. Plus, men think makeup is a lie! Men don’t like makeup very much. I remember one of my best friends was like, “I don’t know why women wear makeup. It’s just one big lie!” But that’s pretty dramatic, because women love makeup and it’s actually very fun. My daily routine is super easy. I spend so much time in hair and makeup, so I don’t want an arduous routine in the morning. If you create a routine that’s healthy, simple and easy, you’re more likely to execute it on a day-to-day basis. And that’s applicable to beauty, exercise, health, your friendships and relationships. If you make things as graceful as possible, you don’t feel judgmental of yourself because you couldn’t complete them. Just make things easy.

What would your advice be to your sixteen-year-old self?

You’re doing great. Affirmations.

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Hart of Dixie 4×05 – Bar-Be-Q Burritos: Promotional Photos

I’ve added 5 episodes stills of the 4×5, Bar-Be-Q Burritos of Hart Of Dixie. Be sure to check them below.