New photos: Jaime at LAX Airport on November 24

On November 24 Jaime teamed up with Delta and Westin to give away vacations to all sorts of lucky strangers, and she handed out travel vouchers to a few stunned LAX staffers. Check out below 19 HQ photos and two videos.



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Today I got to be Santa Claus!!!!! Here is how it went down. Given everything going on in our world, I really wanted to give everyone a much needed break- physically, emotionally and spiritually. And though I couldn’t make it rain money (apparently that happened last night) @westin and @delta were so freaking amazing that they gave me the resources necessary to give away what I like to call #holidayaftertheholiday to the wonderful people that protect us at the airport – the TSA agents as well as the baggage claim workers, wonderful families and kids working their tails off in school. There is magic in the air and I am so thankful for those who are so generous and to allow me to give back and surprise so many beautiful Souls. Ask and ye shall receive ??????

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