Jaime King To Star With Ray Liotta In ‘Cutman’

Jaime’s set to star in the upcoming movie “Cutman” as Josie Ray Broussard, the main character. Here’s the full report by Deadline.


Jaime King has been cast as the female lead in Cutman, the indie drama starring Ray Liotta that comes from producer-director Michael Mailer.

The script, written by Tiffany Heath, follows a retired boxer who is dying of cancer and working as an enforcer for low-level mobsters. He is haunted by the death of his “cutman” and just wants to die in peace before he meets a junkie and her daughter as they all search for meaning and revenge.

King will play the junkie Josie Ray Broussard, a haunted shell of a soul, with a fragile body, left horrifically traumatized by the abuse she endured as a child. Tarnished by heroin addiction and hard living, Josie is a drifter who travels with her 10-year-old daughter, Stryk, wherever the wind blows them. She raises Stryk in the best way she knows how — to learn the pain and harshness of sheer survival using her own version of brutal tough love — to make her point. Josie, who seems to revel in the misery where she and her daughter now live, uses her feminine wiles and fierce will to complete a dark mission of revenge and redemption.

King recently shot Escape Plan 2 and Escape Plan 3 opposite Sylvester Stallone, and the indie drama Ice Cream in the Cupboard adapted from the book by Pat Moffett, and up next is How to Cook Your Daughter, a drama based on a memoir by Jessica Hendra and Blake Morrison about Hendra’s experience growing up as the daughter of a National Lampoon editor and suffering verbal and sexual abuse at his hands.

King, who will next voice a character for the TV series Transformers: Power of the Primes, is repped by Gersh, WME, manager Oren Segal and Myman Greenspan.