Jaime King Plays Marie Antoinette in Tyler Shields’ ‘Decadence’ Series

Jaime is part of the “Decadence” series by Tyler Shields and you can watch now the behind the scenes video. In addition, pictures of James in the project and the poem she wrote about it.


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This series “Decadence” is the latest series by Tyler Shields. Set in the court of Marie Antoinette, the series was shot in the summer of 2015 and was shot using a 50 year old 8 by 10 camera as well as various Hasselblad cameras. After their marriage, Louis XVI entrusted Marie with the task of entertaining the court. Decadence is set in Tuileries Palace in 1667 and The Palace of Versailles 1672. I wanted to give my version of an inside look into what I imagine it would be like if you were able to take a photograph of The Court of The Palace of Versailles and Tuileries Palace an intimate look inside one of the most fascinating times in history.


Jaime’s Poem About “Decadence”

The plowing over un-treaded snow buried canopies of wishes fulfilled then subsided into a blistered kiss of calmest calms

I have caught you not but to be beckoned by the very hardness and softness and realness of this earth

To observe, to take apart to look at the yellow side, the dirty corner then note the smoothness of the surface moon

Maybe the moon could feel smooth to those used to the torrential rains, to those of the Austrian bred, to-

I caught u trying to pin your needles to my underwear and sew yourself onto my garments and I didn’t really appreciate what you were doing or that I allowed the opening for this

Unmistakable stitch, unmistakably your mark, unmistakably your signature, the streamlined approach to doing nothing stream lined at all but to engross me.

So I shall unmistakably wander, unmistakably question and answer to one voice echoed within the deepest, longest, valleys of my ribs.

Then launch it from the pads of my spine and every tip will become the ever mobile take- off to the Tuileries, the hallways of golden mirrors, the high held in which we come from.


Behind the scenes of Decadence a new series by @thetylershields that we worked on together.

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