Daily Mail Interview

In an exclusive interview for the Daily Mail published, on February 25, Jaime talked about the release of her new music video for fashion label Grace MMXIII, her friendship with Lena Dunham and how she helped her to speak out about her fertility issues, about her upcoming music debut and much more.

You can read the full interview below!

Pregnant actress Jaime King has revealed that it was her close friend, and fellow TV star, Lena Dunham who gave her the courage to speak out about her awful struggle to conceive her first child.
Speaking to Daily Mail Online about the upcoming release of her new music video for fashion label Grace MMXIII, in which she showcases her impressive vocal talents alongside those of Oscar-nominated composer J. Ralph, the 35-year-old explained that it was only after reading about Lena’s own struggles with endometriosis in her book Not That Kind of Girl, that she felt able to open up about her own fertility issues.
‘Lena Dunham was a big factor in my speaking out,’ she said. ‘As a dear friend who spoke out in her book about endometriosis, she helped give me the courage to ponder what kind of impact I wanted to make on this world. And I thought, “Hey, you have a big platform to help other women and couples.”

‘I know it’s not a sexy topic, I know that it’s extremely private and vulnerable, but at the same time I went through years of silent suffering because no one speaks about these things or the symptoms and effects of endometriosis.’
Jaime, who earlier this month revealed that she is expecting her second child with husband Kyle Newman, added that she hopes her decision to speak out about her fertility struggles will help her fans to see past the perceived perfection of her ‘Hollywood life’.
People think I live a picture perfect life, and it started to upset me that I could possibly, in some way be presenting a curated, false idea of what my life is to my fans and to the world,’ she said.
‘Because that’s false, it’s a lie. In Hollywood we put out this totally unrealistic idea of a glamorous life because that’s a part of the illusion that the public and system wants to see. A way to escape.
‘However, why can we not do both? Be beautiful and inspiring yet be honest and support others on their journeys. If one more person can feel supported – then I will sacrifice any level of vanity and privacy for that.
‘I will sacrifice anything to help educate and bring awareness to something so common, yet so oddly taboo. Because it shouldn’t be. It’s not about infertility per se – it’s about the disease of PCOS and endometriosis and the prevention and care of that.’
When it comes to setting an example for other mothers-to-be, Jaime, who is currently starring as restaurant owner Lemon Breeland in hit CW series Hart of Dixie alongside former OC star Rachel Bilson, could not be a better role model.

While already balancing her TV role with her family life at home with her beloved husband and son, who is now 16 months old, the actress is also busy throwing her heart and soul into her music career – and confessed that she has no plans to slow down any time soon.

‘Working always makes a pregnant woman happy,’ she said. ‘Well, at least an insanely creative woman such as myself.’
Thankfully, Jaime has plenty of creative projects to keep her occupied.
As well as appearing in the soon-to-be launched video campaign for Grace MMXIII, the little black dress brand founded by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson of Frame Denim, Jaime is also working on her own album with her Grace MMXIII video collaborator J. Ralph, which, she teased, will be available soon.
But music is in no way a new focus for Jaime, who revealed that she has been ‘working on music and writing poetry and songs for friends’ for as long as she can remember. She has also worked on her fair share of music videos in the past, both in front of and behind the cameras.
In 2012, Jaime starred in the video for Lana Del Ray’s hit single Summertime Sadness, which was directed by her husband Kyle, with whom she has also co-directed a number of music videos in the past.
But when it came to pursuing a singing career in her own right, under her own name, Jaime credits her close friend – and global singing sensation – Taylor Swift with giving her the inspiration that she needed to ‘put her work out there’.
‘Taylor was really the biggest catalyst for me to put my work out there, she lit a fire under me when she read my writing and her brilliance is unparalleled,’ she said.
‘She is fearless and incredibly brave, always authentic yet capable of reaching people on such a universal scale – it’s very powerful.’
And while she is finally ready to put her own music out there in the spotlight, Jaime explained that she still plans to remain a strong support to her friends, whom she describes as being ‘the greats in their industry’.

‘I have an interesting dynamic with my friends because many of them are the greats in their industry,’ she said.
‘I have always been there to support their artistry because music has the capacity to reach people globally and truly change the planet by connecting us through song. I find by supporting someone like Taylor, or any friend who has that reach, is very important because I am deeply passionate about artists that have a voice and use it to change things for the better.
‘I love being a cheerleader behind-the-scenes because in my industry I’m always front and center.’
In her new music video for Grace MMXIII, however, the expectant mother happily takes center stage, showcasing her beautifully raw singing voice, as well as a number of seductive dance moves, in the dynamic and visually breathtaking clip.
‘The only nerve-wracking part [about the video] is that my vocals are a live track with no auto tune, no bells and whistles, purely my voice which is the same with J. Ralph,’ she said of the filming process.
‘He is a visionary artist and carefully selected very rare and beautiful microphones that would naturally lend themselves to our particular style.
‘For me, to sing and write, to have a band with J. Ralph is just another form of my expression as an artist. What we make musically is very poetic and dramatic which is how I’ve always sang – more like an old school jazz singer, not a popstar.
‘I really just love every medium of art. And I want people to love it of course, to move them deeply. As a performer my goal is to always make people feel less alone in the world. To feel connected.
‘But I will leave it to my friends to dominate the music industry.’