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Sneak peak at Jaime’s new photo shoot for ColourPop Cosmetics

As you may know, Jaime has created her first cosmetics line for ColourPop Cosmetics called “Jaime King for for ColourPop” and here’s a sneak peak from the phot shoot. It looks amazing!


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Jaime shoots a new campaing for Hollywood Savage Society

Do you remember the short film for Hollywood Savage Society to launch Juju Sorelli’s new clothing line that Jaime filmed last year? Well, we will have another campaing! Jaime, monibelle and Sorelli Presents shared on Instagram a serie of new photos of the shooting. We can’t wait to see it!


Forever the muse #HollywoodSavageSociety new work from @sorellipresents ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Jaime King Announces New Children’s Clothing Line With ‘Gardner & the Gang’

Another exciting project for Jaime! She announced her new children’s clothing line, in partnership with Gardner and the Gang, that is set to launch this May. The first collection is titled The Lions Heart.





Preview of Jaime’s collection of poetry

Jaime and Tyler Shield’s upcoming book is a collection of her poetry and Jaime posted a preview on her instagram account. Read it out below. We think it’s amazing!

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The peace does not hold me still, I loved you
They painted me arrested
And the girls they pass and pass
In stilted heels, the ghosts of tears, crystallized upon their cheeks and thighs
Little ice droplets frozen in time
Suspended behind them as they crash
Into yet another day
Of colors not yet chosen until the kind of play, the separation of church and state
Still do what you say
I still do what you say
They roses they
Then die away
The roses
Every question asked within every year of every day
We bloom
We fade
Then we die
Away we go
Into the great unknown
And to those to whom which much is shown
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Jaime King Plays Marie Antoinette in Tyler Shields’ ‘Decadence’ Series

Jaime King Plays Marie Antoinette in Tyler Shields’ ‘Decadence’ Series

Jaime is part of the “Decadence” series by Tyler Shields and you can watch now the behind the scenes video. In addition, pictures of James in the project and the poem she wrote about it.


Gallery Links:
Other Projects > 2015 – ‘Decadence’ Series by Tyler Shields > Official Photos

This series “Decadence” is the latest series by Tyler Shields. Set in the court of Marie Antoinette, the series was shot in the summer of 2015 and was shot using a 50 year old 8 by 10 camera as well as various Hasselblad cameras. After their marriage, Louis XVI entrusted Marie with the task of entertaining the court. Decadence is set in Tuileries Palace in 1667 and The Palace of Versailles 1672. I wanted to give my version of an inside look into what I imagine it would be like if you were able to take a photograph of The Court of The Palace of Versailles and Tuileries Palace an intimate look inside one of the most fascinating times in history.


Jaime’s Poem About “Decadence”

The plowing over un-treaded snow buried canopies of wishes fulfilled then subsided into a blistered kiss of calmest calms

I have caught you not but to be beckoned by the very hardness and softness and realness of this earth

To observe, to take apart to look at the yellow side, the dirty corner then note the smoothness of the surface moon

Maybe the moon could feel smooth to those used to the torrential rains, to those of the Austrian bred, to-

I caught u trying to pin your needles to my underwear and sew yourself onto my garments and I didn’t really appreciate what you were doing or that I allowed the opening for this

Unmistakable stitch, unmistakably your mark, unmistakably your signature, the streamlined approach to doing nothing stream lined at all but to engross me.

So I shall unmistakably wander, unmistakably question and answer to one voice echoed within the deepest, longest, valleys of my ribs.

Then launch it from the pads of my spine and every tip will become the ever mobile take- off to the Tuileries, the hallways of golden mirrors, the high held in which we come from.


Behind the scenes of Decadence a new series by @thetylershields that we worked on together.

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Jaime Launches ‘A Pea In The Pod’ Maternity Holiday Line

LOVE, JAIME for Luxe Essentials Denim, Jaime’s capsule collection for “A Pea In The Pod” is now available! The 11-piece-denim capsule includes a variety of styles, washes and statement pieces completely capturing Jaime’s own innate style.

You can shop the whole collection online at and in stores.

Here’s what Jaime wrote on her Instagram account and don’t forget to check out the collection online 😉


My #holiday capsule with @apeainthepodmaternity is available starting today! You can shop this Denim Wrap Maternity Dress and the whole collection online at and in #apeainthepod stores. SO STOKED!!! I really put all of my love into the designs of this entire collection so everyone can feel beautiful during and post partum! ? by my best friend @abbeydrucker. Fun fact- this collection is meant to last forever, it is made beautifully for all body types and will stand the test of time. I became tired of buying 10 items because they were less expensive and realized I was polluting the planet, the clothing would fall apart after a couple wears and not made responsibly. Let’s be real- we end up wearing the same few staple things we love everyday! Our girlfriends make a bin and share it with each person after pregnancy and then each person adds to the goodie pile and it’s an AWESOME way to conserve money, the planet and to feel wonderful on those rough days;)

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First picture of Jaime on the set of Attention Deficit Theater

Attention Deficit Theater, Jaime’s new original series for, posted on Instagram the first picture of Jaime during their first filming day. Check out the picture below and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!


@jaime_king on set of our first filming day for #AttentionDeficitTheater #ADTheater

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