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Barely Lethal out now on DVD & Blu-Ray

Barely Lethal is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray so don’t forget to buy your copy! BL is directed by Kyle Newman, starring Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner, Jessica Alba, and Samuel L. Jackson, and James also appears in the film.

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Jaime shares precious photo of James Knight with Leo

Jaime posted a beautiful photo of James Knight meeting his baby brother, Leo. It’s so adorable!!!


First pictures of Leo Thames!

Today Jaime and Taylor shared three beautiful pictures of Leo Thames. Check them below… He’s so beautiful! Once again, congrats to Jaime, Kyle and Taylor (Leo’s godmother).

My loves meet. Baby boy Leo Thames and his God Mother = Bliss. X

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Leo Thames Newman: Jaime King’s Second Son’s Name

JustJared.Com — One week after​ ​Jaime King and husband Kyle Newman welcomed their​ ​second son, the new arrival’s name has been revealed.

​”Kyle​ ​and I named our second son ​Leo Thames Newman,” the 36-year-old Hart of Dixie actress said in an exclusive statement to “Our family couldn’t be happier welcoming ​​​​​another little angel into this world. Thank you for ​all of the support and well wishes.”

A source close to the family shares that the baby’s name is very special to the couple: “Jaime and Kyle were married by the River Thames and Leo means strong and powerful.”

​Leo Thames, who joins 21-month-old brother James Knight, was born on Thursday (July 16) ​in Los Angeles. The newborn​’s ​godmother is none other than Taylor Swift​.​

Pictured below is an exclusive photo of Leo Thames‘s little hand!




Jaime gives birth to second Baby Boy!

Jaime and Kyle have welcomed their second child into the world! The baby boy was born on July 16th and both Jaime and the baby are well. The name will be announced soon.



New interview with People: “How We’re Choosing Our Second Child’s Name” – Jaime King

New interview with People: “How We’re Choosing Our Second Child’s Name” – Jaime King

Read below this new interview with People where she talks about her new role as the new face of A Pea in the Pod and about the baby on the way.


Jaime King knows that it isn’t always easy finding the perfect fit when dressing for two.

“It’s very interesting. There’s not a lot of brands out there that have maternity clothes that make you still feel modern, sexy, beautiful, elegant — and the way that you want to feel — and also, really comfortable at the same time when you’re pregnant,” King, who announced her second pregnancy in February, tells PEOPLE.

But the expectant mama says that ever since she “became a pregnant lady with [her] first child,” son James Knight, she’s been a huge fan of one particular maternity apparel retailer: A Pea in the Pod. And now the mom-to-be is their official new brand ambassador.

“I really appreciated that they had some really wonderful brand collaborations [and] that the clothing themselves were something that I actually wanted to wear and that I felt good in,” King, who has linked up with the retailer for their fall 2015 campaign and new denim line, Luxe Essentials Denim, says.

Not to mention, the actress also has her own denim collection with the retailer that is “designed after different friends that are mothers that [she] admires.”

“I really wanted to make jeans that were inspired by women of so many different backgrounds, and so many different situations, and that are mothers that I think are really incredible and inspirational to me,” King, who created jean styles like Jess for Jessica Alba and Kim for Kim Kardashian, explains.

“I wanted everything to mean something,” King continues. “The most important mantra that I had in my head when designing those jeans was that I never wanted any woman to leave the dressing room feeling like she didn’t look beautiful. I was very cognizant of the way that I designed each pair of jeans.”

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Jaime King is the new face of A Pea in the Pod

It was announced today that Jaime is the new face of A Pea in the Pod’s Fall campaign! Check out below the first pictures of the new photoshoot and don’t forget to check out the Luxe Essentials Denim collection on


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Jaime covers the August issue of American Baby

Jaime is the cover story in the August issue of American Baby Magazine and she let AB in on her best tips and product picks, Check out below the full interview and the new photo shoot by Coliena Rentmeester.



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Wise words: “If you don’t accept yourself and your body, no one else will,” says Jaime King. The formidable actress and style icon, who is now also a baby-clothing designer, shares her motherhood mantras with American Baby.

Through social media, you’ve encouraged women, especially pregnant ones, to love their body. Why is that message important?
“I know what it feels like to be body-shamed. People have made comments about how I’m too thin and need to eat a sandwich. I’ve seen it happen with other pregnant women in this business too — we’re either too thin or put on too much weight. But every woman’s body is different, and you don’t know what’s going to happen to yours. One friend of mine gained 55 pounds when she was pregnant, while my sister gained 30. All that matters is that you’re taking care of the nutrition for yourself and your child. So don’t let other people get you down, and don’t put other women down either.”

You have such amazing style! What are your best fashion tips for pregnant women?
“Most either go boho and wear long, flowy dresses like they’re going to the beach, or they throw on sweatpants because they feel like crap. To me, pregnancy is the ultimate symbol of womanhood, beauty, and sensuality, so make it a celebration of creating life. You don’t have to hide anything or try to suck in your belly. Why not put on things that are tighter, flashier, or more fun? Wearing formfitting clothes totally counteracts that voice inside of us that says, ‘Ugh, I just want to lie down all day and sleep.’ I feel it’s really important to feel good about yourself, and fashion is part of that.”

What should an expecting mom have in her wardrobe?
“A cute wrap dress is good because you can wear it after pregnancy as well. I love the maternity clothes from Hatch and A Pea in the Pod because they can also be used after you have the baby, and I’m all about not wasting things.” (King also loves a good pair of maternity jeans and will be modeling a new line called Luxe Essentials Denim by A Pea in the Pod, beginning this month.)

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Jaime’s new short film for Hollywood Savage Society

Check out the new short film for Hollywood Savage Society to launch Juju Sorelli’s new clothing line. The first Hollywood Savage Society collection is available now for preorder.

Watch it on Vimeo



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Jaime’s new collaboration with Neil Krug coming soon

Jaime and Neil posted on their instagrams accounts about a forthcoming collab. We can’t wait for this.


Forthcoming collab with @NeilKrug x

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