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ET Online Interview: Jaime King Says Taylor Swift Will Make an ‘Amazing’ Mother


Actress Jaime King and her husband Kyle Newman welcomed their second child, son Leo Thames on July 16, and the mom of two is certainly feeling the stress and sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby!

“I feel like I’m hallucinating…it’s like I’m here but I’m not here,” the 36-year-old actress joked to ET at the Birchbox Road Trip Pop-Up event on Friday. “But it’s amazing. It’s very profound when you think you can’t love something any deeper and all of the sudden you realize how much your heart can handle.”

King named bestie Taylor Swift as the godmother to little Leo back in March and the actress said the best thing Swift has done as a godmother so far is “just being Taylor. You know, it’s just who she is.”

Swift got to meet her godson in late July, amidst the madness of her 1989World Tour, and King couldn’t be happier with her choice.

“It’s her loving, her profound, deep…loving and caring, sharing and that’s the reason why I chose her,” she said of the 25-year-old singer. “Just how much she loves him and cares about him and how much she cares about our family and how much I care about her, it’s a really beautiful thing.”

King even indulged in some speculation about Swift’s future as a mom, after seeing her with Leo and hearing her inspirational words to fans during her recent tour, the former Hart of Dixie star told ET that Swift would make an “amazing” mother.

“I mean … amazing,” she said. “Have you ever heard her talk at a concert? I’m a fan of anything in her life that she chooses to do.”

King was promoting Birchbox at The Grove in Los Angeles, California, and revealed what she loves most about the delivery service.

“It’s something about having a little surprise that comes every month to me is really fun and really exciting,” King dished. “People get to sample a lot of different things.”


Jaime King Calls Being the Mother of Two Boys ‘Surreal’

Jaime King is still trying to comprehend that she’s a mother to two boys.

The actress, who gave birth to her second son, Leo Thames, last month, told ABC News that having two children under the age of two is “surreal.”

“It feels like I’m living in a dream,” she said at the Birchbox road trip pop-up in Los Angeles last week. “I feel like I’m so blessed that I’m still not even processing the fact that I have another child.”

King, 36, and her husband of seven years, Kyle Newman, 39, welcomed their first child, James Knight, 22 months ago. At nearly two years old, King said he’s “in this magic time where he’s just discovering everything every minute.”

Meanwhile, “Leo Thames is a beautiful newborn. He’s very sweet and he sleeps and he eats and he does what newborns do,” she dished. “I don’t ever want to be away from either of them!”

However, King did get out of the house for a few minutes to attend the event, gushing that Birchbox is a brand that she truly believes in. Not only does she support that it’s an environmentally-friendly company, but she also likes the idea of giving a subscription to friends.

“It’s a really wonderful gift because it keeps coming every single month and there’s something that reminds people that you love them,” she said. “I love the whole philosophy.”


The Pardon available now on Digital and DVD

The Pardon available now on Digital and DVD

Jaime’s movie The Pardon is out now on Digital and DVD. The Pardon recounts the unlikely true story of Toni Jo Henry (Jaime King), a woman tried three times and executed in Louisiana in 1942. Be sure to buy your copy!

Buy The Pardon in iTunes  — Click here

Watch the movie on Vimeo On Demand — Click Here



Jaime King at Just Jared’s ‘Way Too Wonderland’ Party

Last night, Jaime and Kyle attended the Just Jared’s Way Too Wonderland Party presented by Ever After High at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles. I’ve added 12 HQ and 37 MQ photos to the gallery so be sure to check them below.


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Take a look inside Jaime King’s Minimalist Nursery

Cricket’s Circle took us inside Jaime’s minimalist nursery for Leo Thames and James Knight. Make sure to check out the photos and read the article below.


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“When we got pregnant, we didn’t expect it. It was a really huge blessing, but we were like, Oh, snap, where are we going to put this baby?!”

That’s Jaime King, the actress, model, designer (her Sapling Child collaboration comes out this fall!), and longtime Cricket’s Circle supporter, and mom of two, following the birth of Leo Thames. (And while we’re talking credentials, baby Leo’s got a major one even at an early age: He’s Taylor Swift’s godson.)

You might think the most obvious Hollywood thing to do here is just move into a bigger house, but Jaime is, to borrow from our favorite celeb-mag-speak, “just like us” in that she loves her home – all 1,800 square feet of it – and had no intention of trading up just in the interest of more space.

Instead, she did what she does best and got creative: She and husband Kyle Newman decided to transform their sunroom into a nursery that would double as an office and hang-out space for the family. And that’s when we got involved: We loved the idea of helping Jaime create a space that was comfortable, beautiful, and – most important – functional for everyone ages 0 and up.

So we called on the team at RH Baby & Child – a brand that certainly recognizes the importance of nursery furniture that holds up (in terms of style and craftsmanship) well beyond the “nursery” years – for their expertise in bringing Jaime and Kyle’s vision to life. And the results? Just as we’d hoped: Neutrals, leather, wood, and marble – soothing for baby Leo, cozy and fun for James Knight, and an ideal place to focus on reading scripts, writing, and spending time with friends for Jaime and Kyle. (Want to shop the room? All product info is at the bottom of the story.)

We talked to Jaime about the process of decorating – from secret storage to rejecting gender norms in color choices, to why she’s always in favor of less-over-more

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Jaime and Kyle at Emma Roberts‘ Aerie Campaign Dinner in LA

Jaime and Kyle attended the Emma Roberts‘ Aerie Campaign Dinner on Friday evening (August 21) in Los Angeles. I’ve added 12 HQ photos to the gallery so be sure to check them below.


Jaime King-005-Mansion_of_Celebs

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Jaime King for Sapling out now in Australia!

Jaime’s new baby clothes line for Sapling Child is out now in Australia! Click here to buy the collection on the official site.

The Jaime King for Sapling range will launch on their USA site in 10 days.



Jaime reunites with Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel

Jaime reunited with Scott and Wilson and here’s a new photo of them together. We love to see them together again!


Family FOREVER @skittishkid #WilsonBethal #HartofDixieLove x

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New A Pea in the Pod outtake

Here’s a new outtake of Jaime by Abbey Drucker from the fall shoot with A Pea in the Pod. She looks beautiful!


New photos of Jaime out in Beverly Hills

Check out below this beautiful new photos of Jaime out and about in Beverly Hills on August 18th. I’ve added 6 HQ to the photo gallery.

Jaime King

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