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Take a look inside Jaime King’s Minimalist Nursery

Cricket’s Circle took us inside Jaime’s minimalist nursery for Leo Thames and James Knight. Make sure to check out the photos and read the article below.


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Photoshoots And Portraits > 2015 > Session 009 – Cricket’s Circle


“When we got pregnant, we didn’t expect it. It was a really huge blessing, but we were like, Oh, snap, where are we going to put this baby?!”

That’s Jaime King, the actress, model, designer (her Sapling Child collaboration comes out this fall!), and longtime Cricket’s Circle supporter, and mom of two, following the birth of Leo Thames. (And while we’re talking credentials, baby Leo’s got a major one even at an early age: He’s Taylor Swift’s godson.)

You might think the most obvious Hollywood thing to do here is just move into a bigger house, but Jaime is, to borrow from our favorite celeb-mag-speak, “just like us” in that she loves her home – all 1,800 square feet of it – and had no intention of trading up just in the interest of more space.

Instead, she did what she does best and got creative: She and husband Kyle Newman decided to transform their sunroom into a nursery that would double as an office and hang-out space for the family. And that’s when we got involved: We loved the idea of helping Jaime create a space that was comfortable, beautiful, and – most important – functional for everyone ages 0 and up.

So we called on the team at RH Baby & Child – a brand that certainly recognizes the importance of nursery furniture that holds up (in terms of style and craftsmanship) well beyond the “nursery” years – for their expertise in bringing Jaime and Kyle’s vision to life. And the results? Just as we’d hoped: Neutrals, leather, wood, and marble – soothing for baby Leo, cozy and fun for James Knight, and an ideal place to focus on reading scripts, writing, and spending time with friends for Jaime and Kyle. (Want to shop the room? All product info is at the bottom of the story.)

We talked to Jaime about the process of decorating – from secret storage to rejecting gender norms in color choices, to why she’s always in favor of less-over-more

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New interview with People: “How We’re Choosing Our Second Child’s Name” – Jaime King

New interview with People: “How We’re Choosing Our Second Child’s Name” – Jaime King

Read below this new interview with People where she talks about her new role as the new face of A Pea in the Pod and about the baby on the way.


Jaime King knows that it isn’t always easy finding the perfect fit when dressing for two.

“It’s very interesting. There’s not a lot of brands out there that have maternity clothes that make you still feel modern, sexy, beautiful, elegant — and the way that you want to feel — and also, really comfortable at the same time when you’re pregnant,” King, who announced her second pregnancy in February, tells PEOPLE.

But the expectant mama says that ever since she “became a pregnant lady with [her] first child,” son James Knight, she’s been a huge fan of one particular maternity apparel retailer: A Pea in the Pod. And now the mom-to-be is their official new brand ambassador.

“I really appreciated that they had some really wonderful brand collaborations [and] that the clothing themselves were something that I actually wanted to wear and that I felt good in,” King, who has linked up with the retailer for their fall 2015 campaign and new denim line, Luxe Essentials Denim, says.

Not to mention, the actress also has her own denim collection with the retailer that is “designed after different friends that are mothers that [she] admires.”

“I really wanted to make jeans that were inspired by women of so many different backgrounds, and so many different situations, and that are mothers that I think are really incredible and inspirational to me,” King, who created jean styles like Jess for Jessica Alba and Kim for Kim Kardashian, explains.

“I wanted everything to mean something,” King continues. “The most important mantra that I had in my head when designing those jeans was that I never wanted any woman to leave the dressing room feeling like she didn’t look beautiful. I was very cognizant of the way that I designed each pair of jeans.”

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WebMD: Q&A with Jaime King

Check out below this new Q&A with Web MD Magazine and a scan that Jaime shared on her Instagram.



The actress and mom expands her reign to include kids’ clothing design.

Hart of Dixie star Jaime King is no stranger to the spotlight. A model before her acting career took off, King graced the pages of A-list fashion magazines fromVogue to Harper’s Bazaar.

Now that her TV series has ended and she’s become a mom, the talented beauty is taking a stab at a dream that’s closer to home: designing a collection of baby clothes for Sapling Child, an organic clothing line. It’s a fitting pursuit since she and husband Kyle Newman, a film director, have a 1-year-old son, James Knight, and ababy due this summer.

Here, King reveals how pregnancy taught her to celebrate life, family, and her body — and to let perfection go.

How do you feel about being pregnant?

It’s such a sacred thing. For those 9 months, it’s just you and your baby. It’s so wonderful to have that connection. It’s really profound and fun. Even when you’re vomiting and you feel exhausted or irritable, it’s always a joyful day.

Did you feel the same way during your first pregnancy?

Yes. I have severe endometriosis and PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome], sogetting pregnant was a challenge. There are certain things about endometriosis that are challenging, like bad cramps, heavy bleeding, and all these things that aren’t sexy to talk about. I feel it’s very important that it’s not taboo for other women who have these diseases. That’s why I’m open about it and also why I love pregnancy so much.

You have a husband, a toddler, a baby on the way, acting gigs, and a new fashion collection. How do you stay balanced?

My No. 1 thing is meditation. There was a book I read when I was 19 years old that totally changed my life. It’s called Spiritual Warrior. It teaches you about meditation in an active way. No matter what, you can find 10 minutes. And walking– I love walking. That’s a great activity if you’re a busy parent. Being active doesn’t have to mean schlepping to the gym and judging yourself because you don’t want to go. You can get out and go for a 15-minute walk and enjoy the fresh air.

What’s your favorite family activity?

The simple moments. I love it when we go to our favorite coffee shop. We get our coffees and get James a snack or treat, then walk out and right there is the library. Next to the library is an incredible park. It’s the best of every world. It’s time for the three of us, as a unit, to be together and bond.

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Jaime covers the August issue of American Baby

Jaime is the cover story in the August issue of American Baby Magazine and she let AB in on her best tips and product picks, Check out below the full interview and the new photo shoot by Coliena Rentmeester.



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Photoshoots And Portraits > 2015 > Session 006 – Coliena Rentmeester


Wise words: “If you don’t accept yourself and your body, no one else will,” says Jaime King. The formidable actress and style icon, who is now also a baby-clothing designer, shares her motherhood mantras with American Baby.

Through social media, you’ve encouraged women, especially pregnant ones, to love their body. Why is that message important?
“I know what it feels like to be body-shamed. People have made comments about how I’m too thin and need to eat a sandwich. I’ve seen it happen with other pregnant women in this business too — we’re either too thin or put on too much weight. But every woman’s body is different, and you don’t know what’s going to happen to yours. One friend of mine gained 55 pounds when she was pregnant, while my sister gained 30. All that matters is that you’re taking care of the nutrition for yourself and your child. So don’t let other people get you down, and don’t put other women down either.”

You have such amazing style! What are your best fashion tips for pregnant women?
“Most either go boho and wear long, flowy dresses like they’re going to the beach, or they throw on sweatpants because they feel like crap. To me, pregnancy is the ultimate symbol of womanhood, beauty, and sensuality, so make it a celebration of creating life. You don’t have to hide anything or try to suck in your belly. Why not put on things that are tighter, flashier, or more fun? Wearing formfitting clothes totally counteracts that voice inside of us that says, ‘Ugh, I just want to lie down all day and sleep.’ I feel it’s really important to feel good about yourself, and fashion is part of that.”

What should an expecting mom have in her wardrobe?
“A cute wrap dress is good because you can wear it after pregnancy as well. I love the maternity clothes from Hatch and A Pea in the Pod because they can also be used after you have the baby, and I’m all about not wasting things.” (King also loves a good pair of maternity jeans and will be modeling a new line called Luxe Essentials Denim by A Pea in the Pod, beginning this month.)

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Jaime King Talks Motherhood & Friendship with ‘Yahoo Style’

Here’s a new interview with Yahoo Style where she talked about motherhood and friendship. Plus, check out below a new and beautiful photoshoot.




Growing up in Nebraska, Jaime King was an outcast among her peers. That was until she turned 14 and was discovered by a New York modeling agent. The Omaha-born blonde was catapulted onto the fast track, appearing in major magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, and Harper’s Bazaar. The ’90s saw her strutting the catwalk — clad in everything from Alexander McQueen to Chanel and Christian Dior — and making a name for herself as “James King.” But with the success came temptations that saw the budding star experimenting with drugs. After becoming clean at the age of 17, King turned her focus to acting. The early 2000s landed her supporting parts in films such as Pearl Harbor and White Chicks, while she was still working tirelessly to break into the Hollywood circuit. But shortly after marrying director Kyle Newman in 2007, she moved up the ranks, booking the lead in My Bloody Valentine, reprising her role of Goldie in Sin City 2, and starring as Lemon Breeland opposite Rachel Bilson on the CW’s Hart of Dixie.

Then came the 2013 birth of her son, James Knight, an experience the actress says changed the way she looked at every aspect of her life: “The biggest surprise of motherhood for me was having instincts kick in where nothing is more important than your child,” she tells Yahoo Style. These days, King is a poster child for family and healthy living. She’s a style icon, a soon-to-be mother of two, and a star who is not afraid to use her public-eye status to voice her opinions about everything from public breastfeeding to sexism in Hollywood and the perils of females failing to support one another. And with her rise to fame came a clique of mega-star besties.

You can’t hop online these days without being inundated with updates on King and her clan of A-list companions. And with her “girl squad,” including such paparazzi favorites as Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift (the godmother to her yet-unborn second child), Hailee Steinfeld, and Lena Dunham, it doesn’t appear that the media frenzy is going to be dying down anytime soon. This, however, is a part of King’s celebrity that doesn’t sit well with her.

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Jaime King Talks Pregnancy Style, Her New Clothing Line + BFF Taylor Swift!

Though Jaime King‘s television show Hart of Dixie recently wrapped up after four seasons on The CW, the actress/mother/BFF of Taylor Swift seems to be busier than ever. We somehow managed to catch up with her at the launch party for Plenti, the first multi-brand rewards program in the US, which she was hosting. Did we also mention she is six months pregnant? We talked about her very exciting new project, what she wants all her fellow pregnant women to do and, of course, that singer (and her bun in the oven’s godmother!) Taylor Swift, who she hangs out with on occasion.

We heard some rumors that you are working on a baby clothing line. What can you tell us? 

Yes! I created a baby line called Jaime King for Sapling Child. It’s all organic, non-toxic clothing. I’ve been working on it for the past year, and I designed every sketch, every color, every single piece of clothing.

I find with a lot of partnerships it’s not really authentic, which is why I waited to find someone that would allow me to really express my creative vision. I wanted to create something that people would feel good about putting their kids in that was cool, but didn’t subscribe to your typical baby clothing. This has a lot of affirmation t-shirts. They say “Play All Day” and “Be Rad” and “Shine Bright.” They are fun for the kids, but also a reminder for the parents.

It comes out on August 1 and you can get it at SaplingChild.

Where did you draw inspiration from? 

A lot of my inspiration is from growing up in Nebraska and having the big skies and dreaming about life and what was out there in the big world. I also noticed my son was very attracted to water and anything Japanese, so there is beautiful wave patterns and peonies and lotuses and just really beautiful colors and patterns.

You have such great style in general and great maternity style. What is your dressing strategy?

It’s really all about celebrating life and celebrating your growing body. It’s the only time you don’t have to suck in! Your boobs get a lot bigger, and it’s awesome! I notice so many women want to hide their bodies when they are changing, because it’s foreign, and it’s a little weird. In the beginning, you kinda just look bigger, but you don’t look pregnant yet. Your body is going through these weird changes, and you’re uncomfortable, so I wanted to be a pioneer of being like, “Hey! Even though I want to throw up and I feel sick, I want to feel beautiful!” There is something about putting on a beautiful dress that makes you feel beautiful and makes you feel a little better, or just taking 10 minutes out of your day to paint your nails or do something nice for yourself. Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful is really important to do when you’re pregnant. I encourage every woman to embrace their sensuality and femininity no matter what shape or size. It’s so gorgeous and beautiful to be pregnant.

Now is the time to have fun! You can really show off and take risks. You don’t have to be in muumuus and sweat pants even though you feel like that. I mean, it is of course your choice, but I really encourage all women to be more risky with their fashion choices, but at the same time be safe. Wear flats. Do things that make you feel really good about yourself!

Would you ever consider doing your own maternity style line?

I can’t speak about it really, but I am working on a maternity line with one of my favorite companies.

Are you having a baby shower? Is Taylor Swift [King named her godmother] helping with that? 

Taylor is planning the baby shower, so I dont know what’s happening! We’ll see!


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Who What Wear Interview: Jaime King Puts a Fresh Spin on Maternity Dressing

Here’s the interview Jaime gave to Who What Wear where she talked about her maternity trips and tricks, designing baby clothes, and more. Plus, check out below the new photoshoot with James.



It was Mrs. George in Mean Girls—the hilarious Amy Poehler—who said, “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.” Jaime King is too, a cool mom. If not for her ability to stylishly navigate a growing baby bump, then for her refreshingly modern approach to parenting. We spent the day on set with King, now pregnant with her second child, to talk about her maternity trips and tricks, designing baby clothes, and more.

Who What Wear: First things first, you looked amazing at the Met Ball!
Jaime King: Thank you so much, I appreciate it! It was very modern, very elegant, and very simple, which was really nice. I think it’s so easy to go crazy with the Met Ball theme that it gets a little interesting. I really loved Jason Wu’s vision of just keeping everything very clean and clear and having Nicola [Peltz] in white, myself in red, and Edie [Campbell] in black. It had a nod and a wink to it without being overboard.

WWW: We want to know: What’s your secret for dressing around a growing baby bump?
JK: You know, for me, getting pregnant is such a celebration of femininity and a celebration of your growing body. In a way, it’s the only time you don’t have to suck in and the only time that it doesn’t matter really how big you are or what your body looks like. You can wear formfitting clothes, and you can wear things that show off how your body has changed. Your breasts and everything get bigger, and I think that’s a beautiful sign of fertility and something that should be, again, accentuated and celebrated. What I decided when I got pregnant is that if anything, I’m going to have more fun with my fashion, because I love dressing, I love taking risks, and why not show the world that it’s okay, you can really go there? Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be cool and fashionable. It doesn’t mean you can’t have your own sense of individuality and creativity. You can still have all that and more, because it’s the ultimate creativity, having a baby.

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Jaime King talks about Calvin Harris

During the red carpet of “Dior & I” premiere on April 15, Jaime spoke about Calvin Harris, couple of her best friend Taylor Swift. Without giving many details, Jaime told to E! News:

“He’s a wonderful man,” King told me at last night’s premiere of the new Christian Dior documentary Dior and I. “He’s a beautiful man.”


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[PEOPLE Interview] Jaime King on Second Pregnancy: ‘It’s Just as Sacred’ This Time

Jaime King is “pretty far along” into her second pregnancy, but she isn’t slowing down anytime soon thanks to her son, James Knight.

“It’s interesting because since I have a 17-month-old, so much of my energy and time and love is extended to him,” the Hart of Dixie star, 35, told PEOPLE at Just Jared’s Throwback Thursday Party presented by Monster High at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, California.

“My first pregnancy was like, ‘Oh, every moment is so sacred,’ and it’s just as sacred [this time], but it’s like, I can’t forget that I have this child that’s discovering new things and saying new words every day,” said King, who recently posed topless in photos she shared on Instagram recently.

In fact, this second time around, King isn’t “worried about every tiny little thing,” she says. “I know what to expect, but yet I’m still enjoying it and it’s still deeply profound.”

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