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Jaime’s VIVA Magazine Cover Story: “Through Hell and Back: How Jaime King overcame infertility”

Jaime’s VIVA Magazine Cover Story: “Through Hell and Back: How Jaime King overcame infertility”

As you may now, Jaime’s on the cover of the winter issue of VIVA Magazine and you can read out below the full interview. The HQ Scans and the new photoshoot have been added to the gallery.

And of course, don’t forget to buy your copy.




After many years of grueling pain, weight gain, and infertility treatments, while shuttling among nine different doctors, actress Jaime King, best known for roles in films “Sin City,” “Pearl Harbor” and TV’s recent “Hart of Dixie,” finally had her answer—endometriosis. Endometriosis, as defined by the Mayo Clinic, is a painful disorder, in which the tissue that normally lines inside of the uterus, grows on the outside.

Her struggles with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome led to infertility and, ultimately, five miscarriages prior to her first successful pregnancy. James Knight Newman was born in October 2013, while her second son with husband, film director Kyle Newman, was born in July 2015. The ecstatic couple named him Leo Thames. Taylor Swift—yes, that Taylor Swift—was named as the child’s godmother.

King, a native of Nebraska, had already made a name for herself appearing in many top fashion magazines before leaving New York’s runway scene for Los Angeles at the age of 19 to focus on acting. When King was cast in Newman’s Star Wars-themed movie, “Fanboys,” in 2006, the couple connected instantly and married soon thereafter. “If it wasn’t for my husband, I don’t think I’d have much of a social circle,” King says. “I wouldn’t have the happiness I currently enjoy with my children and I wouldn’t have the unconditional love.” The actress enjoys being at home with friends and family. “That’s what makes me happy.”

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Jaime at ‘Who What Wear’ Target Launch Party

Jaime at ‘Who What Wear’ Target Launch Party

Jaime attended the Who What Wear x Target Launch Party held at ArtBeam on Wednesday (January 27) in New York City. She was joined at the event by Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba.

Jaime is wearing a beautifull Steven Khalil dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

I’ve added 90 HQ photos to our gallery so be sure to check them out below.




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Jaime King Shares Her Favorite Holiday Traditions With Her Kids

US Weekly – It’s that time again! Jaime King is decking the halls with decorations, baking, and wrapping up a storm this holiday season. The Hart of Dixie alum shared her favorite Christmas traditions exclusively with Us Weekly — and explained why this time of year means so much to her.

“I love the energy of grace, joy, and the giving spirit that every human embodies but during the holidays,” King, 36, tells Us. “It just comes out and shines through people and into the world.”

For King, hanging another stocking up for Saint Nick is crucial. The former model and her husband, Kyle Newman, welcomed their second son in July. (Leo joined big brother James, 2.)

“I love putting up the decorations that we have received from my parents since I was born,” she adds. “I have one from every year, and it’s very special to pull them out and continue that tradition with my sons.”

King also likes to switch it up — in the kitchen. She recently snagged a delicious recipe for peanut butter pie thanks to her former Hart of Dixie costar Scott Porter.

“[His] wife Kelsey makes and perfected [it]. I finally got the recipe but if someone wants it — they would have to find it in my social security box,” she muses. “It’s a family recipe, and that’s Southern/MidWestern code for ‘it will never, ever, ever be passed without explicit permission from The Porters.'”

One holiday tidbit King will gladly share is the items she’s picked out for Birchbox. The star teamed up with the beauty company for the holidays for her own Wish List that includes a six-month membership. “I love the idea of sending my friends something curated every month,” she tells Us. “I also love that I have designed amazing organic baby and children’s clothing Jaime King for Sapling Child . . . These are so meaningful because I poured my heart and soul into these designs and my love is all over them.”

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Jaime King: My Son Leo Thames ‘Is Very Animated Like I Am’

Here’s a new interview with People Magazine were she talks about her children, A Pea in the Pod and more. Read it out below and I’ve also added 2 new outtakes from A Pea in the Pod promotional shoot to our gallery.



People — Jaime King knows it isn’t always easy for expectant moms to dress for two, which is why she teamed up with maternity apparel retailer, A Pea in the Pod, to create her own denim line.

“[A Pea in the Pod] is basically what I lived in during my pregnancy,” King, whowelcomed her second son Leo Thames in July, tells PEOPLE. “And I really wanted to create a line, which was a very well-rounded line of denim for women.”

Says King of her LOVE, JAIME For Luxe Essentials Denim collection: “I didn’t want one woman to feel bad in the clothing that they wear so every single item that I designed, I wanted to make sure that it would be beautiful for every single body type. That was something that was really important to me.”

Another key detail for King was having each pair “go with many different types of styles.”

“Because maternity clothes are expensive … [and] it’s an investment, I wanted to make sure that whatever I was making would be something that would transcend through an entire pregnancy and also, beyond after the pregnancy,” she explains.

Not to mention, the actress “really wanted to create a collection that was inspired by the people that [she thinks] are amazing.”

“I basically used the qualities that I love most about these women and their sense of style and their different body shapes and types,” King, who created jean styles like Jess for Jessica Alba and Kim for Kim Kardashian, explains.

“As I was doing this I was like, ‘I really want them to have a personality and a life of their own,’” King adds. “That’s when I [started] thinking of my friends and the women that I admire as human beings and as mothers within my industry.”

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Jaime King Talks About Her Awkward Costume at Seth Rogen’s Halloween Party & More!

Jaime King Talks About Her Awkward Costume at Seth Rogen’s Halloween Party & More!

Read out below a new interview with E!


We’ll come right out and say it: Jaime King might have the coolest friend group in Hollywood.
Recall she’s BFFs with Taylor Swift , plus the rest of the #squadgoals bunch. As you’re probably well aware, T.Swift is the godmother of her newborn son, Leo Thames Knight. And while she might’ve been caught up in a whirlwind international tour, nothing was going to stop her from stepping up to perform her bestie/god-mama duties for Jaime. Now that’s a friendship goal, folks.
Also with Hailee Steinfeld, Diane Kruger and Seth Rogen as just a handful of her A-list buds, you know the gal’s got some epic stories to dish—like for example, the awkward Halloween costume encounter that still makes her blush.
We caught up with Jaime at Maison Margiela’s Smells Like Memories bash in Los Angeles, where she talked to E! News about T.Swift’s unconventional (but totally perfect) godmother gift, her super awkward costume encounter at Rogen’s annual Halloween bash and, yes, her always on-point style. Now go ahead—read on to hear from Jaime herself!

Did Taylor Swift give your son a godmother present (other than that amazingbaby shower and then that onstage shout out)?
Her gift is her being-ness and her loving for him. It’s the fact that she was in the middle of one of the biggest world tours in music history and took the time to come and be with us on several occasions. It’s a really profound thing so many people would not do that, especially with the schedule she has where she barely has any time to breathe. Seemingly it’s so effortless for her; she is a gift. Her being-ness is a gift.

Did Taylor ask you to be in the “Bad Blood” music video?
Originally the plan was for me to be in the video, and then when she became godmother she got really protective and was like “I don’t want anything to happen to the baby!” Like what was I going to do, nun-chuck someone while I was pregnant? That wouldn’t be cute.

As her good friend, how do you react when you see T.Swift perform?
I can’t control myself when I see her perform, she’s so freaking amazing. I think that’s why everybody loves her.

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Jaime interview for E! News at the House of Gant Presentation

Watch out below the interview Jamie gave to E! at the House of Gant Presentation red carpet on September 10th, in New York. She talks about her Post-Baby body and about joining Taylor Swift’s squad.




Just a month after giving birth to her second child, Jaime King dropped jaws after being photographed for the first time post-pregnancy.
The 36-year-old actress—who welcomed her baby boy, James Knight, with husband Kyle Newman on July 16—looks beyond amazing, as if she never even had a baby in the first place!
So when E! News caught up with King at New York Fashion Week, we had to ask about her secret for getting her figure back so quick.
“I think genetics is part of it,” she explained. “And I think being a mom of a 22-month-old and a 7-week-old, you’re just consistently running around chasing after your child and you never even have a minute to just stop. I think that’s a really big thing—my participating in my children’s lives.”

Her new little one is not only lucky to have a hot mom like King, he’s also super #blessed in that his Godmother is none other thanTaylor Swift .
Speaking about her bond with the “Wildest Dreams” singer and their large group of girlfriends, the Heart of Dixie actress says their relationship formed naturally.
“I think we’re trying to—not even trying to—I think it naturally happened,” King explains before adding, “where a group of women became friends from all different walks of life or different parts of entertainment, where we just naturally support each other.
She continues, “We all have a very feminist belief that it’s all equality. It’s equality for every race, breed, color, situation, circumstance, gender…for everything. And there’s no competition because all it is is yourself. Are you doing your excellence within yourself?”
King says her and Swift’s squad are all striving for excellence, and together they’re helping support not only themselves, but girls everywhere in seeing and learning what it means to encourage one another.
“It’s great having that support and putting that out there into the world,” she says, adding, “especially at a time where it’s like the wild west—where everybody feels like they can just tear each other down anonymously on social media.”


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Jaime says she doesn’t believe in dieting

In a new interview with Byrdie Jaime talks about dieting (or lack thereof), her favorite workout, and the food delivery service she swears by. Read out below the article.


Jaime King—she of long limbs and sleek physique—doesn’t like the word “diet.” “Why diet?” she asked, when we caught up with her at the Birchbox Road Trip stop at The Grove in LA. ’“Eat! I love to eat. I don’t believe in depriving myself.” Coming from a leggy model, this sort of response might warrant an incredulous eye roll. Coming from a leggy model who is also a mother of two, working actress (King stars in CW’s Hart of Dixie and the newly-releasedBarely Lethal), and frequent creative collaborator (check out her new Juno Lucina jewelry linefor some sparkly eye candy), it feels more like subtle encouragement. If King thinks there are more important things to focus on than obsessing over her diet (or lack thereof), shouldn’t we all? (Her favorite spot to grab a bite in LA is Mozza Pizzeria, in case you were wondering.) King, who stayed slim during her two pregnancies, is equally vocal about Hollywood’s stigma towards new mothers and their bodies. “It’s insane,” she says. “Everyone should go at their own rate, so they feel comfortable with themselves.”

As a new mother of two herself—her son Leo Thames was born in July of this year and James Knight born in 2013— we had to ask: how does she juggle it all? Or rather, how does she juggle it all and still stay healthy? She let us in on her little secret: Paleta. “It’s this organic food delivery service,” she says. “That’s actually where I get all my meals from. It’s local and organic, and it’s really wonderful because they make food for all of my family. It makes it so much easier for me.”

To get her exercise in, King swears by the model-favorite workout, Ballet Beautiful. “I always feel so revitalized and energized after,” she says. “I like working out with my friends, too. It’s a good way to stay motivated, have fun, and catch up.” (We like to imagine her stretching gracefully with her bestie and godmother to Leo Thames, Taylor Swift). When it comes to her secret to living a healthy, fruitful, balanced life, her mantra is simple: take care of yourself. “It’s the best advice I’ve gotten,” she says. “Once you take care of yourself, you can do everything else.”

King told us she doesn’t leave the house without applying Skinceuticals’ Daily Sun Defense ($38)—find out more of her beauty essentials here.


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New interview with MiniMode: “Mom Crush: Jaime King”

Read out below this amazing new interview for MiniMode website. She talks about pregnancy, family and work.


The authentic, inspired and passionate actress on why pregnancy is the new sexy.

The first time I met Jaime, we instantly hit it off. Inspiring and poetic, she is both daring in attitude and compassionate, stunning yet very real, sparking something almost magical about her. Not to mention her style is on-point, rocking a street-meets-chic vibe wherein she coordinates designer pieces mixed with vintage finds. Hailing from Nebraska, she is now set on a world stage yet remains deeply connected to her roots and wise behind her years. Bottom line, I jive with her jam.

And on a recent trip to LA we stopped by her house, one sunny afternoon, to share salads and green juices. Jaime greeted us at the door, still pregnant with Leo Thames and looking gorgeous as ever. Her home is the kind of place that you never want to leave, bright and airy with good vibes abound. We spent hours sprawled out on the floor of a room akin to a glass jewel box (also, the most peaceful room I’ve ever been in) gabbing about everything from the realities of motherhood, to her latest collaborations and why pregnancy is the new sexy. Join us for a candid chat with the lovely @jaime_king

On how your collection with Sapling Child came to be: I discovered Sapling Child on Instagram and was so inspired by the brand – beautifully designed and home-grown, plus all products are vegetable dyed and non-toxic! I reached out to the founder and after talking we decided to develop a collection together as I love to support up and coming companies.
When I told my business advisors that I was going to do a collab with this small brand that I met on Instagram, they were like “Who? What?” and insisted that it was a risky proposition. But I disagreed as I see social media as an incredible online community and a powerful tool for creativity.

As a result we worked hard for a year and a half to develop this collection and I’m beyond thrilled with the line.

The inspiration for the Sapling Child collection: I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, under the wide open sky. I would stare out at the stars and dream of my future. I wanted to bring that beauty and possibility into the design inspiration. The messages are a reflection of who we are; I wanted to see my baby sons’ energy in the prints. We also incorporated a series of waves and lotus flowers in varying calm palettes inspired by my son’s attraction to Japanese art and symbolism.

Favorite pieces in the collection: I love the idea of encouraging kids to wear any color they want, vibrant and beautiful. As for specifics, I particularly love the Sunset Hour Snuggle Wrap which was inspired by an electric sunset in bright, saturated watercolors. My other favorite is the Japanese wave print (and really all the styles in this fabric), as it is both beautiful and calming.

On ‘giving back’ or ‘paying it forward’ with your work and the projects you are involved in: Through my partnerships I donate my services in order to help a small business grow. I’m especially passionate about products that are not harmful to kids which is why I chose to collaborate with a brand that cares about the environment and planet. Sapling Child also supports an orphanage in India for newborns to age 16 and I’m proud to be part of that as well.

On your upcoming Pea in the Pod collaboration: Rachel Zoe put me up to work with Pea in the Pod on this collection and I am so grateful. Our goal with this line was to tackle very real issues around becoming a mother for a woman, about how people see you, about your sensuality which becomes even more important than before. With this collection I want the woman who wears my line to feel strong and gorgeous. I have one hard and fast rule: no ones leaves the dressing room feeling defeated; everyone feels beautiful in my clothes.

On your biggest “pinch me” moment in your career as a model, actress and now, designer: Every day since I have had my sons. After being told that I couldn’t have a child and then to get pregnant twice, naturally, was more enlighting then I could ever explain. I now have two beautiful boys and my love for them is infinite. Everything I have ever dreamed of is aligning all at once in a beautiful and natural way. I look at my sons and I’m amazed! It makes me want to celebrate who I am as an individual. I feel that I’m getting to do everything I ever wanted: to be a mother, designer and actress.

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ET Online Interview: Jaime King Says Taylor Swift Will Make an ‘Amazing’ Mother


Actress Jaime King and her husband Kyle Newman welcomed their second child, son Leo Thames on July 16, and the mom of two is certainly feeling the stress and sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby!

“I feel like I’m hallucinating…it’s like I’m here but I’m not here,” the 36-year-old actress joked to ET at the Birchbox Road Trip Pop-Up event on Friday. “But it’s amazing. It’s very profound when you think you can’t love something any deeper and all of the sudden you realize how much your heart can handle.”

King named bestie Taylor Swift as the godmother to little Leo back in March and the actress said the best thing Swift has done as a godmother so far is “just being Taylor. You know, it’s just who she is.”

Swift got to meet her godson in late July, amidst the madness of her 1989World Tour, and King couldn’t be happier with her choice.

“It’s her loving, her profound, deep…loving and caring, sharing and that’s the reason why I chose her,” she said of the 25-year-old singer. “Just how much she loves him and cares about him and how much she cares about our family and how much I care about her, it’s a really beautiful thing.”

King even indulged in some speculation about Swift’s future as a mom, after seeing her with Leo and hearing her inspirational words to fans during her recent tour, the former Hart of Dixie star told ET that Swift would make an “amazing” mother.

“I mean … amazing,” she said. “Have you ever heard her talk at a concert? I’m a fan of anything in her life that she chooses to do.”

King was promoting Birchbox at The Grove in Los Angeles, California, and revealed what she loves most about the delivery service.

“It’s something about having a little surprise that comes every month to me is really fun and really exciting,” King dished. “People get to sample a lot of different things.”


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Jaime King Calls Being the Mother of Two Boys ‘Surreal’

Jaime King is still trying to comprehend that she’s a mother to two boys.

The actress, who gave birth to her second son, Leo Thames, last month, told ABC News that having two children under the age of two is “surreal.”

“It feels like I’m living in a dream,” she said at the Birchbox road trip pop-up in Los Angeles last week. “I feel like I’m so blessed that I’m still not even processing the fact that I have another child.”

King, 36, and her husband of seven years, Kyle Newman, 39, welcomed their first child, James Knight, 22 months ago. At nearly two years old, King said he’s “in this magic time where he’s just discovering everything every minute.”

Meanwhile, “Leo Thames is a beautiful newborn. He’s very sweet and he sleeps and he eats and he does what newborns do,” she dished. “I don’t ever want to be away from either of them!”

However, King did get out of the house for a few minutes to attend the event, gushing that Birchbox is a brand that she truly believes in. Not only does she support that it’s an environmentally-friendly company, but she also likes the idea of giving a subscription to friends.

“It’s a really wonderful gift because it keeps coming every single month and there’s something that reminds people that you love them,” she said. “I love the whole philosophy.”