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New interview with ET: Jaime King Talks Getting Advice on Motherhood From Jessica Alba and more!

Jaime made an interview for ET at Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces Party on April 13th. Watch down below the video and read the article.


If there’s one thing Jaime King loves, it’s supporting other women! The mother of two is a core member of Taylor Swift’s famous squad (the “Blank Space” singer is even the godmother to King’s youngest child, Leo) and loves to promote other females in the industry.

“I believe that there’s a place for all of us and for me, every time there’s an opportunity to support, my friends and other women, I’m going to be the first one to show up,” King, 36, told ET at Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces Party on Monday night.

And King added that she couldn’t get by without that same support being reciprocated. When she first became a mother, the Hart of Dixie actress sought out advice from other celeb moms.

“Jess Alba was always on speed dial for me,” King said of the Honest Company founder, who is the godmother to her son James. “I didn’t know what I was doing when I had my first child and I had to go back to work so soon. I was terrified but I always call her… I think in the lifestyle we have, it’s very different and it’s not as easy to navigate, and she does it so elegantly and seamlessly and so I’m very lucky.”

Now that she’s a mom of her own, King is happy to offer up some of her own sage wisdom.

After hearing that Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child, King told ET, “Oh, that’s so fantastic! You’re outnumbered now, girl. Advice, I have two, think more the merrier!”


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New interview with Celebuzz’d

Jaime King calls in to talk about making her dreams happen, perfectionism in the age of social media, and her Pull-Ups potty training method. Plus, the Celebuzz editors discuss celebrity entrepreneurship and building a multi-hyphenate brand.

Mia talks with the lovely Jaime King, who happens to be a model-actress-producer-beauty maven-mom. King gives us the run-down on her Pull-Ups potty training method that’s based on a personality quiz, and provides her infinite wisdom on achieving your dreams.

“I don’t want to live a limited life, and I don’t want the people around me — no matter where they come from — to feel like they can’t achieve everything possible,” says King, who comes from a regular family in Omaha, Nebraska. “Nobody ever thought that I’d end up doing this here and it was just by the belief that I would, and the hard perseverance and work, and the rejection many, many, many, many, many times, and the acceptance of that.”

The Heart of Dixie actress’s advice to young girls who wish to be in her position of influence one day begins with discovering who you are, loving that person, and letting go of the “likes” on Instagram. “It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how many people are on Facebook; none of that is a measure of who you are as a human being,” she stresses. “It has nothing to do with anything. It is all an illusion.”

“Write down what your strengths are, write down what your weaknesses are, and then write down what you want to improve on, and then take the steps to get there. But first and foremost, you have to understand to learn to love yourself because that’s the most important gift that you could ever give yourself in regards to success.”



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Can You Filter Photos and Still Be a Feminist? Jaime King Think So

Jaime King was quick to admit that she has used the hashtag on occasion. “Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. It just depends,” she said. “I think people sometimes say #nofilter because they want to express that not everything has to be covered with something or altered. I think that happens more often in our industry because there’s a tendency in our industry to make sure that things are very curated.” She continued: “I’ve never seen #nofilter as a bragging thing. I think it’s people trying to put themselves out there. Social media, for me, is an opportunity for me to share who I am authentically and speak directly with people about things that are important to me — whether it be humanitarian efforts or feminist efforts. It’s the purest form that I can use to share my heart.”

Source Yahoo Style

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Jaime King: ‘Jessica Alba is my motherhood idol’


Belfast Telegraph — Jaime King says it’s fantastic that Megan Fox is supposedly pregnant.
The American actress welcomed son James Knight in October 2013, with husband Kyle Newman, and admits she was a clueless when it came to looking after a baby. However Jessica, who has daughters Honor, seven, and four-year-old Haven, was there with sage advice whenever she needed it.

“Jess Alba was always on speed dial for me,” Jaime confessed to ET. “I didn’t know what I was doing when I had my first child and I had to go back to work so soon. I was terrified but I always call her… I think in the lifestyle we have, it’s very different and it’s not as easy to navigate, and she does it so elegantly and seamlessly and so I’m very lucky.”

Jaime and Kyle added to their brood last year, with second son Leo Thames.

Rumours have been circulating that fellow actress Megan Fox is also expanding her family, with reports the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress is excepting her third child. The 29-year-old already has sons Bodhi and Noah with estranged husband Brian Austin Green, and while the news is yet to be confirmed, Jaime, 36, was quick to offer her well wishes.

“Oh, that’s so fantastic!” she beamed. “You’re outnumbered now, girl. Advice, I have two, think more the merrier!”

Megan set tongues wagging after a recent appearance at Las Vegas’ annual CinemaCon, where she appeared to show off a pregnancy bump in her tight dress. Since the event, multiple sources have confirmed the news.

It’s not yet known if Brian is the father, as the pair split in 2015 after five years of marriage. However, they have been spotted together recently, leading many to speculate it could be the couple’s third arrival.

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New interview with Mashable

Here’s a new interview with Mashable.Com where Jaime talks about Attention Deficit Theater and how it was created.


Jaime King wants viewers to get inside her brain.

In her new sketch series — called Attention Deficit Theater — the actress tells stories on how to navigate the “attention deficit disorder world.”

“I really want to make this feel like a fireside chat with Jaime but with pure sketch comedy,” she told Mashable in a phone interview. “We live in an ADD world … and we all know what it’s like to live in this world now — it makes your head spin. You have to figure out a way to navigate your way through life when everything is on all the time.”

The 10-episode web series, created by John R. Montgomery and produced by Kids at Play, launched last week with three episodes on CW Seed, a digital entertainment offshoot of The CW.

The idea came just after Hart of Dixie got cancelled last year.

A then-pregnant King was approached by the network with a new opportunity, though it didn’tentail resurrecting her role as Bluebell’s main Southern belle Lemon Breeland for a spin-off (sorry Dixie fans). However, it did allow King to produce and star in her own series. She co-produces alongside Jason Berger and Amy Laslett (from Kids at Play) and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“It’s important for me to be involved in a project,” King said. “I can’t just dip my toe in and be OK with that. I’ve got to be all the way in.”

The episodes, which range from five to seven minutes each, provide a funny, more personal take on certain topics including fitness and fashion. King said the team behind the series would sit for four to six hours chatting about “everything that happens in my brain.” They would then record King talking about these various topics, turn them into scripts and eventually film and edit them into webisodes.

It was also a great way to try out a new format.

“Digital is now,” she said. “It’s the future. What I realized if i I go away to make a movie or do a series, it always ends up in one place or ends up getting watched on a device that someone holds in their hands. Bottom line and what it comes down to is people just want great content.”

King says working on a digital platform, backed by a network, has its creative advantages.

“The fun thing with digital space is you get to play around with time formats you don’t normally get to play around with which is really fun,” she said. “It switches up how you tell a story. You get to do things you normally don’t do. CW Seed is a really incubator for new ideas.”

One new episode of the show is posted weekly on Saturdays.

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Jaime King Talks ‘Attention Deficit Theater’ and more with Access Hollywood Live

Jaime King Talks ‘Attention Deficit Theater’ and more with Access Hollywood Live

Here’s the full interview of Jaime with Access Hollywood Live. She talks about ‘Attention Deficit Theater’, about partnering with ColourPop to create an essentials makeup kit and she shares her feelings about Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance and her own past abuse.



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New York Post: “Jaime King stormed out of Kanye’s fashion show over Swift diss”

via NYP — Taylor Swift may not be at New York Fashion Week, but her squad isn’t about to let Kanye West’s lyrical insult go unnoticed.

“That [lyric] really hurt,” actress Jaime King told The Post at the Baja East show. The line in question — “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex . . . I made that bitch famous,” is from Yeezy’s new song “Famous,” which debuted as part of new album “The Life of Pablo” during his fashion show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

In fact, the crack infuriated King — who made Swift godmother to her son — so much that she stormed out in the middle of Kanye’s show.

“Taylor is my best friend and she’s my sister. I love her and I adore her and I always will.”

Speaking of Swift’s squad, there’s one ambitious actress aching to get in — and who’s willing to stand up to Kanye, if that’s what it takes.

“I would love to be a part of Taylor Swift’s squad,” Willow Shields, the “Hunger Games” actress who portrays Jennifer Lawrence’s little sister Primrose Everdeen in the series, told The Post at Christian Siriano’s show. “I would totally have Taylor’s back [in a fight against Kanye]. Come on, we girls have got to stick together!”

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Jaime’s new interview with E! Online: Talks about Taylor Swift, Mean Girls and Feminism

During the Kate Spade Fashion Show red carpet at the NYFW Jame made a interview with E! Online and she talks about how grateful is to have Taylor Swift in her life, mentions Mean Girls movie and feminism. Watch the video below.



Jaime King is grateful to have Taylor Swift  as a friend.

The 36-year-old Sin City and Hart of Dixie actress is a member of the 26-year-old pop star’s “squad” of besties. King recently expressed support for Swift on Twitter after Kanye West unveiled a song at his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show that appears to diss the singer.

In fact, she is so close to Swift that she made her the godmother of her second child, son Leo, who is about six months old.

King told E! News exclusively Friday the singer is “consistently active” with the baby boy, adding, “she’s the best friend, godmother, human being that a person could ask to be in your orbit and I am very, very grateful for her.”

She made her comments at the Kate Spade New York presentation at The Rainbow Room in New York during New York Fashion Week.

In addition to King, other members of Swift’s squad include Gigi Hadid, 20, Hailee Steinfeld, 19, and Karlie Kloss, 23, all of whom starred in her “Bad Blood” music video last year. Many people view the group as an elite clique—and many of them wish they could join it.

“I don’t really believe in the word ‘squad’ as something that’s, like, inclusive, this idea that…’You can’t sit with us’ type of thing,” King told E! News, quoting the movie Mean Girls. “The idea of a squad is really the idea of friendship and the idea that everybody’s welcome, the idea that women should be supporting other women and that’s something that’s really important…everyone knows I’m quite the feminist and I really believe that.”

“I think that women, unfortunately, can be the greatest perpetrators on each other,” she said, adding that they “shame each other more than men do.”

“That’s something that I’d like to see changed in the world,” King said.