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New “What Would Lemon Breeland Do” Mug

This is amazing. AshleyBrookeBoutique created this fan-requested “What Would Lemon Breeland Do” Mug. The mug can be totally customized to another glitter color.

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Jaime reunites with Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel

Jaime reunited with Scott and Wilson and here’s a new photo of them together. We love to see them together again!


Family FOREVER @skittishkid #WilsonBethal #HartofDixieLove x

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It’s Official: ‘Hart of Dixie’ Canceled After Four Seasons

It’s official: The fourth season of The CW’sHart of Dixie was its last.

Created by Leila GersteinHart of Dixie had been bounced around the schedule in its third season, where it shifted to Fridays as a midseason entry as the younger-skewing network gave its freshman fare its prime real estate. Season four returned in January with an abbreviated 10-episode run before going on hiatus and returning with its final three episodes in March.

Gerstein used her Twitter platform in March to announce that the finale would be “tremendously satisfying” and note that given her love for the series, she “would have gone 17 years.”


Hart of Dixie Has Been Cancelled

Rumors that Hart of Dixie would be canceled began even before the fourth season started and while there has been no official confirmation yet, it seems like the show has been canceled. This was confirmed on twitter by show creator,  Leila Gerstein, and Scott also posted a tweet about it (Who later deleted the tweet).

The series finale will air on March 27.

Folks wondering why #HartOfDixie got canned? Simple numbers game folks. Ratings still matter and dictate wins and losses. You have to WATCH.

— Scott Porter (@ScottPorter) March 13, 2015





We are still waiting for an official confirmation from The CW.

Edit: Here’s what Jaime’s posted on Instagram a few days ago.

From Lemons first entrance, to the last 2 final series episodes, I shall take my final bow. Farewell, my beloved Bluebell. It has been the best 4 years of my life, giving my heart and soul to this role & to our dear fans of Hart of Dixie. To Leila Gerstein you are my idol, a role model for every woman, a true storyteller, a BRILLIANT show runner & mother, you baffle me with your ability- you gave me a character that will never leave me because you saw that she was in me, that I could make her human, vulnerable, a punch in the face lovable Lemon. You let me take her and make her my own, knowing from the beginning that that is what I would do- make her so real it hurt because she just wanted so much to love and be loved. Thank you my dear cast & crew- we were on some ride or die shit- through the laughter, tears, pushes and pulls- how we have grown through each other so beautifully. To @joshschwartz76 & @TheFakeEmpire team- you are so NOT a fake empire- you lead me to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and actually touch it. I wished for that my entire Midwestern childhood. Zoe, isn’t it funny how enemies are just one in the same? Rachel B- you know I did this show to be close to you buddy, I love you. @cw_network, Mark Pedowitz, Lori Openden – there are no words. #ClassAct To our fans- You have lifted me and given me a gift greater than my wildest dreams. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you. And I love you more than words can ever express. And Lemon, you taught me so much- break the rules- be naughty for the ones you care about- be the BEST FUCKING FRIEND because loyalty requires shenanigans sometimes and being a best friend means that sometimes we act stupid, senseless, blinded by what looks like selfishness but is actually the purest love and wanting the best for that other person- tradition is great if it means being true to yourself, if not let it go gracefully or with the middle finger- you don’t have to rely on the approval or acceptance of others to love yourself, just love yourself because you are love, be a feminist & the only thing close to being “perfect” is following your heart. We are one. #HartofDixeForever Xx

Hart of Dixie: “Bluebell” (Season Finale) – Promotional Photos

Here are some promotional photos of the episode “Bluebell”, wich airs on March 27th. This will be the season finale of the 4th season of Hart of Dixie.


Hart of Dixie 4×09 Promo “End of Days”

Here’s the official synopsis of the episode “Ends Of Days”, which airs on March 20, as well as some promotional photos and the promotional video of the episode.

Hart of Dixie 4×09 “End of Day” – AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) is visited in a dream by BlueBell’s founder, who prophesies five omens about the end of BlueBell. Not taking it seriously, AnnaBeth shares her dream with Crickett (guest star Brandi Burkhardt) who tells everyone and creates a town-wide panic. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) are surprised when it comes out that they have very different opinions about marriage. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) is at a crossroads when he gets an offer that could change his life forever. Tim Matheson, Jaime King and Cress Williams also star. Tim Matheson directed the episode written by Adam Milch and Kendall Sand (#409).



Gallery updated: Hart Of Dixie Screen Captures

I’ve updated our photogallery with MQ screen captures of Hart Of Dixie from episode 4th to episode 8th. Enjoy!


Hart of Dixie 4×05 – Bar-Be-Q Burritos: Promotional Photos

I’ve added 5 episodes stills of the 4×5, Bar-Be-Q Burritos of Hart Of Dixie. Be sure to check them below.


Hart of Dixie TV Spot: “Love Maker”

Here’s a new TV spot for Hart Of Dixie.

Hart of Dixie 4×03: “The Very Good Bagel” Producer’s Preview