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New interview for Health Magazine: Jaime talks abour her struggle with Endometriosis, how she’s living a healthy life and more

Here’s a new interview for Health Magazine.

The road to motherhood hasn’t been easy for Jamie King. The model-turned-actress, 39, who you probably know from the hit TV show Hart of Dixie, has openly discussed her past fertility struggles. Today, though, she’s the happy mom of two young boys, and is focused on raising them with the same healthy habits she has come to adopt. King recently joined forces with LensCrafters to host an eye-healthy cooking class in New York City, where we were lucky enough to have the chance to grill her on all things self-care and motherhood.

On what she does daily to maintain a strong body and soul

“Make sure to love yourself like you would love your child or your spouse or your partner or best friend,” King says. “Self-love is the best care.”

King stays active with yoga (it “changed my life”) and loves to meditate, telling us she believes there’s a form of the practice that can work for anyone. “Don’t judge yourself if you’re thinking of other things,” she says. “Simply breathing is really important.”

King also tells us she makes a point to stay well hydrated and prefers to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

On her struggle with endometriosis

King has endometriosis, a condition which causes endometrial tissue to move outside the uterus and onto to nearby body parts, and urges all women to become familiar with its symptoms. “Stay on your doctors to get checked for this,” she says. “When we protect our reproductive health, we protect our fertility and we protect, ultimately, ourselves, our relationships, our friendships, everything.”

On motherhood
Ever since her sons were babies, King tells us she’d make a point to convey to them if she was going to pick them up and what she would be doing next as a way to teach them about the importance of “consent” and “honoring them as human beings.”

“I think that when you instill that [compassion and empathy] in your children, that’s one of the best foundations that you can give,” she says. “Rather than me pushing some kind of idea or agenda on my kids, I really just pay attention to what they’re interested in and follow their lead into that.”

On self-care
“Whatever it is you want to call it, or whatever it is that you believe in, believing in something that’s bigger than you to let you know that you’re being taken care of,” she says. And, of course, we can’t talk about self-care without asking about beauty. King’s skincare go-to? Products by Dr. Barbara Sturm, which are sold at,,, and others.

“[The line] so efficient,” she says. “It’s clean, clear, and again, it’s all about anti-inflammation.”


Galore Magazine Interview: How Jaime King finds strength in the shadows

Jaime King has transitioned from 90s grunge fashion muse to actress, activist and mother. In addition to “Hart of Dixie” and “Escape Plan 2,” she appears as a lead actress in the indie film “Bitch,” about a mom in the 70s who feels so stressed and overlooked she takes on the psyche of a dog. In this shoot, Jaime takes us through the many sides of her personality — inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins — and reflects on her life in the spotlight so far.

When I think of the women I’ve looked up to, the first person who comes to mind is my sister, Barry.

She came out at a young age in Omaha, Nebraska. Without the internet, there wasn’t a community she could take refuge in. But she was so connected to who she is, she couldn’t pretend to live or feel any other way.

My mom is the other person I think of. My mom adopted my sister when she was 24 and pregnant with me, and my sister was 13. Think of a 24-year-old, pregnant with her first child, adopting a teenager. It blows my mind.

A big shift in me happened when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and poly-cystic ovary syndrome, which are very painful reproductive illnesses. I also had countless miscarriages and almost lost my children.

I thought that because my womb didn’t work the way I was taught it should work, I was broken. We are told as women that our great value is to be able to carry life, to carry a child. If we’re fertile and abundant, we’re a worthy goddess. But for some reason, those parts don’t function for some of us.

When I was told I couldn’t carry a child, it crushed me in a way that was so much deeper than I could explain. I felt ashamed that I was suffering every day. I would wake up in pools of blood, and feel ashamed. And then I said, fuck this. I’m not going to be ashamed.

We need to talk about these things. We grow up with a mentality that menstruation is not supposed to be painful, and if it is, you deal with it yourself and don’t complain. We need to talk about this and spread as much awareness as we can. Girls as young as 12 get diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS. When you’re living with it, it can be constant agony.

The possibility of Planned Parenthood being defunded sends me into such a rage. The free birth control provided by Planned Parenthood not only suppresses endometriosis, but also protects your fertility. So girls who don’t know they have endometriosis are at least treating it with birth control and taking the only medication out there to suppress these conditions. It’s preserving life.

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Jaime King Recalls Her First Celebrity Crush, Red Carpet Dress and More with E! News

Here’s a new interview with E! News at Sundance Film Festival.

Jaime King can’t remember for sure what she wore to her first red carpet, but she thinks she has an idea.

“I think it was the premiere for Basquiat, and I went with [sisters] Lola Schnabel and Stella, cause their dad [artist Julian Schnabel] made that movie and it was the first movie premiere that I had ever seen,” the model-turned-actress says. “We were just kids, we were babies…It was in the ’90s so probably some sort of slip dress.”

This was just one of the many firsts that King recalled when I sat down with her at the Sundance Film Festival to promote her new indie Bitch.

The 37-year-old’s first celebrity crush? “Eddie Furlong, from The Terminator, because his hair was long with that sweet haircut and he rode that skateboard,” King said.

And then there’s the first time she knew she was in love with her now husband of 10 years, director Kyle Newman. Watch the video above to get the romantic details and find out what Kristen Bell had to do with it.

And check out the video below to hear what she had to say about her friendship with Taylor Swift .


WWD: Jaime King Premieres Film and Talks Shop at Sundance

WWD — Those used to spotting Jaime King grace red carpets, where she’s still very much in her former fashion model element, will get to see the actress in a different light in her latest film, “B—h,” which premiered this past weekend at the Sundance Film Festival.

The genre-bending indie, written and produced by Marianna Palka, who plays the title character, has received notice for strong performances by costars Jason Ritter and King, who play Palka’s husband and sister, respectively.

The films centers around a stay-at-home mom who reaches her breaking point and assumes the characteristics of a female dog. Her family struggles and ultimately transforms as they deal with the unusual situation.

The three are actually longtime friends; King and Ritter met when they worked on the television show “The Class” a decade ago, and Palka and Ritter cofounded the production company Morning Knight Inc.

“My whole life people have asked, ‘What’s your type?’ and my type of human being is the type that’s passionate. Marianna and I are very similar in the sense that we dive in completely into what it is we are trying to say or do,” King says.

She points to her unguarded style on social media. “Sometimes on Instagram people will say, ‘I love your feed, it’s so inspiring’ and sometimes I’ll make a post and go, ‘Am I too open? Am I too vulnerable?’ and it’s, like, ‘No. The world is so curated that it’s important to be who I am.”

King calls “B—h” the “anti-curation” film, saying, “It’s really balls to the wall.”

Having acted in mainstream and big studio fare, while producing and starring in her own sketch series, “Attention Deficit Theater” for the CW’s digital platform CW Seed, King understands all to well the Hollywood system. “A lot of times they say they want something like this but people usually back down from it because they get caught up in numbers and screenings and statistics. People are so used to operating out of fear, ironically, in a place like Hollywood which is supposed to be a creative hub. I have empathy for that.”

She’s happy to be in Park City, Utah, simply because “it’s really nice to just be able to just tell stories.”

Jaime Talks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Split: ‘It Is a Deeply Painful Situation’

Jaime Talks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Split: ‘It Is a Deeply Painful Situation’

As you may know, Jaime appeared on Johnny Depp’s film “Blow”, playing his daughter. And now she has talked with US weekly about Johnny and Amber Heard’s divorce. Read out below the full article.


Jaime King opened up about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s tumultuous split during an interview with Us Weekly at the OCRF Super Saturday event in Santa Monica on Saturday, June 11.

The Hart of Dixie actress, 37, who often discusses women’s rights and is a survivor of child abuse, discussed what she calls a “deeply painful situation.”

“It makes me really emotional,” King tells Us. “Listen, I love Johnny Depp. One of my very first movies he played my father. I learned so much from him. I have so much respect for him. He is one of the most loving, kind, generous, attentive, brilliant men that I’ve ever met.”

The model briefly appeared in the 2001 film Blow alongside Depp, 53, playing his daughter.

“I would have scenes that he wasn’t even in and he wouldn’t even leave,” King says. “He would just stay to watch. He would rehearse with me. There was so much that I learned from him. He was an incredible mentor. Being able to work with someone like that at the beginning of my career really taught me what it meant to be a true professional and a true artist.”

The Sin City actress also praised the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor’s estranged wife, Heard, 30. “I love Amber. I think that she’s an incredible bright light. She’s a beautiful human being.”

As for the pair’s explosive divorce, King made it clear that Heard’s allegations of abuse against Depp shouldn’t be a source of entertainment.

“Bottom line, what bothers me the most is that people are being hurt on both sides,” she explains. “It is a deeply painful situation and people are treating it as if it’s entertainment, and it’s not f‑‑king funny. And it’s not entertaining.”

The actress, who is married to Kyle Newman and is mom of sons James, 2, and Leo, 10 months, continues, “It’s all hearsay. It’s all he said, she said. Frankly, it’s not about sides because we cannot take sides in a situation that we’re not there for, bottom line. It’s about loving and supporting each person by saying, ‘Give them their privacy let them work it out.’ Also, bring awareness to any sort of domestic violence because no matter what happened or did not happen, that is really not important.”

Earlier this year, King bravely revealed on social media that she is a survivor of child abuse. Inspired by Lady Gaga’s powerful 2016 Academy Awards performance of “Til It Happens to You,” King tweeted in February, “Thank you @ladygaga – I finally felt a true healing from years of abuse as a minor in the industry. Time to be brave.”

As previously reported, Depp and Heard are currently in the midst of a bitter divorce. She has accused him of being physically abusive on multiple occasions and was granted a temporary restraining order last month. The actor has repeatedly denied the allegations.


People Babies: “Jaime King Launches New Gender-Neutral Kids’ Clothing Line”

People Babies: “Jaime King Launches New Gender-Neutral Kids’ Clothing Line”

Here’s an article posted on People Babies’ website about “The Lion’s heart” with an exclusive interview with Jaime.




PEOPLE Babies — Jaime King is breaking down barriers.

The Hart of Dixie star is teaming up with children’s clothing retailer Gardner and the Gang, led by Kristin Nystrom, to design the Gardner and the Gang ♥Jaime King Collection: a socially and environmentally aware, gender-fluid clothing brand that aims to make children feel empowered and accepted.

“We have set limitations upon our children and babies, whether that be consciously or subconsciously. Somewhere along the line of ‘dos and don’ts,’ we relegated children into little boxes that are so restrictive,” King, 37, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her inspiration behind the collaboration.

The actress and model adds: “Somehow, the world decided that boys belong in blue and girls belong in pink and anything other than that is weird or strange and in some ways frowned upon — as if allowing a boy to wear purple or hot pink is steering them in the wrong direction.”

King’s collaboration with Nystrom not only takes care to focus less on stereotypically “male” or “female” colors, but also incorporates prints that are just as meaningful as they are fun.

“When I see my child at the playground holding hands and playing with another boy — regardless of age, race, situation or circumstance — all I see from him is loving, and the powerful and effortless ability to connect,” King says.

“So that’s where we came up with the idea to take animals that you’d typically not see in the animal kingdom getting along, sharing a milkshake,” she says of The Lion’s Heart collection. “Because that’s what our kids do.”

“The reason I wanted to design a collaboration with Gardner and the Gang is because the moment that I saw what Kristin was creating, I felt an electricity inside of myself,” King continues. “My immediate thought was that this is not only ahead of its time, but the future of children’s clothing.”

King, who is mom to sons James Knight, 2½, and Leo Thames, 10 months, with director husband Kyle Newman, 40, didn’t stop at wanting to create clothing that was gender-fluid and empowering. The line is also meant to keep kids dreaming and playing creatively, both together and independently.

“The most important thing for Kristin and me was to make sure we’re not just making clothing, but we’re making clothing that really excites the imagination, that shares the message of camaraderie, togetherness and playfulness,” the Sin City actress says.

“This collection is vastly important because we want any boy that likes our dresses to rock them,” King continues. “[For] any girl that doesn’t want to wear a skirt to put on some sweet leggings.”

The Lion’s Heart collection for Gardner and the Gang ♥ Jaime King is available now at

Jaime King Is Launching a Gender Neutral Kids’ Clothing Line

Jaime King Is Launching a Gender Neutral Kids’ Clothing Line

As we told you before, Jaime is launching a Gender Neutral Kids’ Clothing Line in collaboration with Gardner and the Gang on May 31st. Read down below an article written by Cortney Clift for Brit + Co.


Between Ellen’s collaboration with Gap Kids and the launch of Primary (AKA American Apparel for kiddos), it’s not uncommon that we find ourselves envious of a kids’ clothing line. But today our fashion FOMO has gone into overdrive, because actress (and T. Swift’s bestie) Jaime King just shared a sneak peek at her upcoming kids’ collection with indie retailer Gardner and the Gang, and it’s all kinds of adorable.

The collection is titled “The Lion’s Heart” and features playful patterns, bright colors and — as you can see from the sweatshirt — a super sweet message. But, TBH, what we’re digging most about the collection is that every piece was designed to be gender neutral. Jaime shared this adorable snap on her Instagram, and explains, “The designs and colors represent courage, joy, self-love, & togetherness! Now is the time to shine & allow our kids/selves to live authentically. I am proud to have made the first #genderfluid collection — this is a dream come true.”

Jaime first teased her collection a couple of weeks ago with this adorable photo of the upcoming campaign. If you’re lusting over her adult version of the kids’ sweatshirt, you’re in luck. This collab will sell select pieces in adult sizes! The line is set to launch in two weeks; keep an eye on Gardner and the Gang’s Instagram to find out exactly when you can shop it all.


Byrdie Interview: “Jaime King give us her secret to healty hair, long lashes and more”

Read out below this new interview with Byrdie from April 20th.


Gallery Links:
Photoshoots And Portraits > 2016 > Session 004 – Byrdie UK

We’re excited to continue our new series, The Close-Up, where we take a closer look at celebrities, influencers, and pop culture phenomena. You’ve read about them on the internet and clipped their photos out of magazines—but now you’ll have the chance to get to know them personally through fun Polaroids, handwritten beauty advice, product recommendations, and so much more.

She’s fresh off an early morning jam-packed with television appearances, and Jaime King’s passion for beauty still permeates the room. She’s swapping supplement suggestions and doling out beauty tips to everyone in the room. And in a refreshing change of pace, she’s actually eager to take off the makeup she’s wearing before stepping in front of our lens. (Fine by us—let’s do this one au naturel.) So, after a few makeup wipes and an espresso, the actress and model is ready for her close-up.

From the first shot, it’s clear this woman knows how to work a camera. But once the roll of film is done, we get into the good stuff. This thing on our mind is King’s new collaboration with ColourPop, Alchemy. “When it comes to beauty, I like it to be as simple as possible, which is why I made the Alchemy kit. I had dreamed of this kit since I was a kid. The idea of having everything that you could possibly need within one kit so you never have to think about it again,” King says. Naturally, we gravitate toward the lip colors, which King designed to have you covered for day (the soft pink) and night (the cool, berry red). “That red—just so you know, the reason why I made that particular red was because I want every woman to be able to feel powerful and confident wearing red because a lot of women don’t. They are either the girl that wears the red lipstick or the girl that doesn’t or the boy that does or doesn’t. But I had—it was close to like 20 people in the room of different skin tones and different races. … For me, that was incredibly important because there’s nothing more irritating to me than the idea of something not being usable for everybody.”
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TooFab interview: “Jaime King Doesn’t Understand the Fascination With Her Famous Godmothers”

TooFab interview: “Jaime King Doesn’t Understand the Fascination With Her Famous Godmothers”

Jaime King is part of Taylor Swift’s famous squad, but she just sees her as a part of her family.

The actress, who asked the “Bad Blood” singer to be the godmother of her second child, Leo, admits that the pop star earned the role for being “extraordinary.”

“It’s so funny, I wonder if people would ask, ‘So I heard Sandy Larson is the godmother.’ Taylor is no different to me than my sister is to me,” she tells toofab’s Rachel Hoffman. “When I step off the stage, and they say cut, I’m just Jaime from Nebraska. I’m a mid-Western woman and it’s all the same.”

“It’s interesting that people think we’re extraordinary. What I think is extraordinary is who [Taylor] is as a human being,” she adds. “I chose her because she’s loving and giving and caring – and she exemplifies that which I want my children to be around. We don’t have our immediate family here, so to me, the closest thing to family is Taylor and [Jessica Alba.] Some of my friends are very much like my sisters. It’s important to have that dynamic for me because that’s the way I was raised. I’m very blessed.”

The “Hart of Dixie” alum chose Alba as the godmother for her first child, James Knight, enlisting her help from the start.

“When I first had James Knight, I had her on speed dial,” she says. “Trying to figure out how to travel, which stroller to use, how to do this, how to do that. In a world in which so many people have realized that the baby industry is such a big industry, it’s really wild how many choices there are for things. I think it can be very confusing for moms sometimes.”

“I think it’s really important to have a friend or two or a relative that you trust,” she declares. “For me, the key is not to ask for everyone’s opinions. It’s important to pay attention to your child and your own intuition. The more you develop your own intuition, the more you can connect to your child. Every family, and every mom, is different, so you have to trust and realize that as long as loving and caring for your child, you’re doing the right thing for your child.”

One aspect of motherhood that she’s learning to master right now is potty training. Jaime teamed up with the Pull Ups Potty Partnership to learn how to create a new way of potty training, based on her son’s personality.

“I was nervous about the idea of potty training,” King admits. “It was kismet that I partnered with Pull Ups because they have this really rad resource where you can go online and take a quiz, and I found out that James Knight was a Puppy. He really has taken to the process of potty training in a way that is really fun and exciting … It’s great because we’ve been able to integrate it into our life in such a seamless way, so that’s how you handle being a busy working mom.”

Not only is Jaime busy with her two kids, but she also recently launched a beauty line with Colourpop, “a makeup line that was perfect for every single race, color and gender.”

“It was really important that I created a line of essential makeup that was vegan and cruelty-free and made here in America,” she tells us. “It doesn’t matter if you have extremely dark African American skin, if you are Persian, if you’re Hispanic, or super Caucasian like me, all of it will look beautiful on you. Beauty should not be exclusive to anybody – it should be inclusive of everybody. That’s how I feel about everything in life.”


Refinery 29 Interview: Jaime Thinks We Need To Change Our Bad Twitter Behavior

Jaime chatted with Megan Cahn from Refinery 29 and she spoke about about her recent ColourPop collaboration, gender equality, her new gender-fluid clothing line for babies and children and much more. Read the full interview below!


When I chatted with Jaime King on the phone about her recent ColourPop collaboration, things went way beyond makeup — they got deep, quickly. The actress, model, entrepreneur, and Taylor Swift #squad member (Swift is her son’s godmother!) has a strong voice that carries conviction. She speaks out for gender equality and advocates for those who’ve suffered from abuse, as well as those who’ve been bullied both online and off.

Her passion carries over into every project she takes on, whether it’s raising her two sons (James, 2, and Leo, 9 months), creating a makeup line that works for all skin tones, designing gender-fluid clothing for children, or simply crafting a refreshingly honest tweet. Ahead, King talks about her son’s love of makeup, her experiences being bullied when she was growing up, and how her principles shape everything she does.

Hi, Jaime…
Son James in the background: “Mommy’s talking to a friend about makeup; when I’m done I’ll come up and play…”

“Sorry, that’s my son, he loves makeup,” starts King. “I keep trying to give him an EOS lip balm and trick him into thinking it’s actual lipstick, but he’s like, ‘No, mommy!'”

Does he play with all your stuff?
“He’s obsessed with makeup. He grew up on set, so ever since he was five weeks old he was sitting on my lap while I got my hair and makeup done. He knows where everything goes… He sees it just like everything else — as a face with a canvas. People ask if a 2-year-old can really understand that — yes, they really understand that.”

Does he have his own makeup?
“He has a makeup kit. He paints his nails, but he’s such a boy! He doesn’t have to be this or that or the other — he can be whatever he wants to be. I am really excited because I have a clothing line coming out that’s the first gender-fluid clothing line for babies and children called Gardner and the Gang.”

Tell me about that.
“If [kids] want to put on a superhero costume, if they want to dress like a princess, they should be able to do that without feeling judged. If a girl isn’t into princesses and wants to play football, she should be allowed to do that. The more we stifle the expression of our children, we’re stifling the future… We’re saying that we live within these parameters, and these parameters cannot be broken, and I just don’t believe that’s the kind of world that I want to live in or raise my children in.”

You’ve become such a strong advocate for gender equality. How does beauty tie into that?
“Beauty is all within. We live in a beauty-obsessed culture, but I realized at one point that being called beautiful my whole life never helped me fit in. It never stopped the bullying when I was a kid.”


What would you say to young people experiencing bullying now?
“It makes me very teary-eyed to think about it, because I know that so many children are experiencing these things. And not only younger people, but what [adults] do to each other. When I go online and I see women and men being body-shamed, we call it ‘trial by Twitter.’ It’s like you’re tried, prosecuted, and hung via social media… There’s an angry mob of people that hide behind their computers, and they don’t understand that they have completely destroyed someone’s life. It kills me that it’s being allowed. We cannot live within the Wild West in regards to social media — we need to start creating other parameters.”

So why did you decide to do a makeup line?
“I’m obsessed with fashion, and I’m obsessed with beauty. For me, it’s fun because it’s a costume and it’s a way of exploration — it’s truly a medium and a beautiful art form. Yet, at the same time, I know that it’s still an illusion. But in times of war, the things that never slowed down — even in the Depression — were sales of red lipstick. What that says to me is that everyone needs a little something to make them feel beautiful when they’re feeling down — whatever that means, whether words of encouragement or a beautiful lipstick.”

Do you consider yourself an activist?
“I can’t help but be an advocate and activist for people to start to understand each other and come together. My mom did it [when I was growing up]. Now, in a time when you would think we would all be connected…we can all connect with each other on social media…yet there is still so much hatred, so much separation, so much body-shaming, and so much inequality in regards to minorities and women. It is vital [to be an activist].

“We’ve come so far, but we haven’t come that far: There’s a lot more work that needs to be done. If I can use my voice in any way, shape, or form to make people feel less alone — which is why I’m an actor — I apply that to every single thing that I do, creatively speaking.”